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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by patch1, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Im due to start basic training in august, passed selection last month, but im still worried about a scar i have on the top of my head. Due to this scar, i have a patch of hair (hence the nickname) missing about an inch wide and just over an inch long (permanently) about the shape of a boiled egg...am i just being paranoid or will they send me away because i look fairly stupid? The doctor at RSC wasnt too bothered and neither were the PTI's so maybe it is just paranoia, but any help here would be appreciated.

  2. Get a picture on the site, it will be the only way to ensure a 'considered' response.

    And allow us to take the piss.

    You'll have a 'hat' on your head most of the time anyway.
  3. Post a pic. We'll let you know.
  4. Seconded. Get a pic up here, it's the only way. Besides, if we're all laughed out before you start basic you might not get the piss ripped quite so much. But then again you might. You can never tell with the Army. Cruel world, innit?

  5. If looking stupid was a bar on entry to the armed forces we would be even further undermanned that we are now. I refer you to the gallery for proof.

    So chaps and chappesses, what would your criteria be for banning people based on appearance?
  6. at least it's boiled... scrambled would have been worse :wink:

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  7. Even i take the piss out of myself for it so you know, no harm done :D
    EDIT: Bearing in mind that it'll look a bit bigger when my hair is cut army short.

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  8. Why don't you just glue some hair in the gap? Or you could just colour it in?

    The army wants people who can improvise, adapt and overcome, not winge.

    failing that, join the RLC. The entire army takes the piss out of them anyway, and they're used to dealing with suicides.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Is that it? I've lost more hair in the slipstream you cnut.

    Any chance of a pic of your smooth, young c0ck?
  10. Get your pubes shaved, and glue em onto the patch. repeat as required.
  11. Meh not so bad, im 20 and i have a receeding hairline, gonna be bald by 25 i just know it.

    Don't draw attention to it and most will probverly not even notice, were usually more concious of things like this because we know about them.

    My brother has a similar patch missing on the back of his head were he fell down a storm drain when we lived in Cyprus and took a chunk out, when he first got his hair cut short he got a load of comments like 'you should get your money back of the barber' or 'want us to deal with the guy who attacked you with the weed whacker?' (until about 2 years ago he had long hair now he has no.2 back and short top)

    let it be water of a ducks back :)
  12. Permanent marker works every time ..
  13. Just shave yer heed, sorted
  14. You'll have to have you hair cut reasonably short anyway so it won't be as obvious really. Pretty lucky for you as it will mean you are forced to get rid of that ridiculous 1990's hair cut.
  15. I'd be more concerned about the roses growing out the back of your head!