Worrior driven by civvie crushes car

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by naguere, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. Lets be honest wouldnt you just love to do that, i can just see it now Asda carpark on a saturday afternoon. I would pay money to have a go.
  2. :roll:
  3. Well he's only 22 and a young lad. You can't expect him to take responsibility for anything!! (Even if it would be the first time in his life!!!!)

    :x :?
  4. Always someone else's fault these days, isn't it? At 22 he's an adult, and therefore ought to know the difference between right and wrong. In his defence, it seems he still lives with Mummy.

    BTW, this vehicle in the title; a bit manic-depressive was it?
  5. I am quite sure it is on yyoutube but I cant provide a link as I am at work...
  6. You're not allowed to say manic-depressive these days, its Bi-polar!!
  7. Driving without a licence, without insurance, taking without owners consent, possibly criminal damage (don't know if it is as the car's owner wasn't bothered).
  8. Bi-polar?

    "Political Correctness is the language of cowardice".

    W. Connolly, Comedian
  9. And he was aided, abetted and encouraged by serving army personell, so perhaps his mum does have a point.
  10. Polar is bi? Well, he is from Yorkshire, so it's hardly news.

    They eat their dead over in Yorkshire you know ...
  11. It’s the real life Mike from Spaced, somebody recruit this man into the TA :D
  12. What like a shop owner having stuff on the shelf incase a shoplifter feels the need :?
  13. Don't they mean his snickering friends? :D

    Get Some Nuts! - Snickers Advert
  14. No like the shop staff encouraging him.