Worringly! Labour is winning the fightback

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by headgear, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone else noted just how well the labour part is fighting back at the minute? A prime example was Ed Milliband on the Politics Show on Sunday when he was rubbishing Torie plans to create ‘Fee Schools’. Followed closely on Sky News with Yvette Cooper slagging of Davey Cs conference speech and then some ex-trade union minister gobbing of about Lord Ashchurch’s tax status.

    I don’t personally give a monkey’s about the policy per sey but am pissed of with the presenter letting him gob of on and on with his propaganda message whilst not explaining how he would sort out the problem in his own department! – incidentally Milliband came across as a right smarmy arrogant twat who you’d want to punch ten bells of shit out off!

    He’s not alone they’ve all came out the bunker in the last few days confidently predicting the chaos a Torie win would cause the country whilst accepting no blame for their own policies but the interviewers are letting them get away with it!

    What grips my shit the most is that the Tories are likely to lose this election because they are not fighting back – if all the great unwashed hear is the Labour spin machine and its ‘Strength Thru Joy’ propaganda then more fool Davey C for sitting back and letting them get away with it!

    I hate all politicians but as it happens Labour the most at the minute – I’m just hoping there is at least one person in one of the opposition parties with the spine to fight back and some TV interviewers who will tell them all (all parties) to shut the fuck up in mid diatribe and answer the fucking question honestly for the first time in their lives!!!!

    PS - Horrible Thought for the day

    Strangely enough the only politician in Britain who is actually capable of being articulate and appearing to have conviction in his own views is that twat George Galloway who if he was even a half way normal guy still in Labour Party would probably be the leader! – due to the complete absence of anyone else with the slightest personality.
  2. Indeed. I too am very concerned that all the Conservatives are doing is lying down on the pavement curled up in a ball whilst Labour kick ten bells out of them in any debate. Labour are the masters of manipulation and people are falling for it (still)!
  3. Head Gear

    I am with you on this one, the Tories need to pull their finger out, or this lot will be back in the Kremlin, opps I mean Number 10


  4. You have Tim Bell to thank for starting the ball rolling on that one...
  5. This is, of course, pure speculation on my part, but the current Labour resurgence appears to result from a curious lack of dynamism on the part of the Conservatives in recent weeks coupled with the orchestrations of Mandelson and Campbell for Labour. Although both of the latter have, quite rightly, been the subjects of frequent vilification on this site, nobody can surely deny that they are pretty good at what they do - it doesn't take the brains of an archbishop to work out why the PM brought them back.

    The glimmer of hope in favour of those wishing to see change at the forthcoming election is that there still remains adequate time for Brown to drop another massive clanger or two. Since he has proven time after time to be both negligent and incompetent, we should not have to hold our collective breath waiting.
  6. I hear what you are saying, however with no election date set I think the Tories are keeping their powder dry until the campaign itself.

    However - if Labour do win it (as others have posted) will allow the true extent of the rot to unfold under their administration. If they were to win I reckon they would only have a majority in single figures and would be forced to go to the country again within two years - this time destroyed and reduced to the status the Liberals have enjoyed for nearly a century.
  7. Or more likely, the status the Tories enjoyed post-Major for a decade.
  8. Perhaps the Conservatives want to lose this one (it's been well documented why they should)? Playing the long game and ensuring Labour destroy themsleves in a final mismanaged term?
  9. Why is it worrying? It's democracy in action surely, just because YOU don't like it doesn't mean everyone else is in the same boat.

    Oh and the reason Labour are seemingly creeping back up is probably due to Conservatives being shown as being bankrupt when it comes to policy.
    They took for granted the fact that the government where taking a kicking in the recesion (all governments were).
    What they didn't/haven't done is come up with any ideas.
  10. It's not a fight back it's their final dance of death.

    If labour win I'll donate £25 of your english quids to H4H.
  11. I would say that the constant drip-drip-drip of monotonous Gordy-bashing is having a reverse effect. Brits still largely have a sense of fair play and the frenzy with which pretty much every interested party has gone after him personally for the slightest little thing offends decency.

    I've deliberately tactically voted ABL for the last few years but have to admit I'd permit myself a vicious smile if he got back in just at the thought of the frothing rage being generated in the Home Counties.
  12. I have a feeling that Call-Me-Dave is playing his cards close to his chest for a reason. We all know that there is to be a General Election quite soon and the Labour Party have well and trully f*cked the country. What they need now are new ideas to sort the mes out and they are out of ideas.

    You should also remember that when the Conservatives put forward ideas as potential policies about two years ago, Labour nicked most of them, called them their own and took the credit whilst rubbishing the Conservatives on he ideas that he Government did not take up.

    I reckon that Call-Me-Dave will not release any significant policies until Proclamation of dissolution and issue of writ which signals the end of the current Parliament and is the starting gun for the General Election. Only then will they release their full manifesto and catch Labour out.
  13. Labour policy works for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland but is bankrupt as far as England is concerned.

    The Tories are really an English party and Labour the sum of the Celtic vote. Time to go our separate ways, then we will see whose policies really work :wink:

    Tories should drop their unionist stance and concentrate on working for who votes for them, the people of England.
  14. Perhaps this should be stuck in the 'Reasons for not voting Conservative' thread - we're already being governed according to Conservative policy and look where it's got us! :twisted:
  15. But none of that matters, because most people treat the policitical party they support like a football team - so they want their bankrupt party to win, rather than another bankrupt party.