Worries about becoming a crewman.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Senseist, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. Hello all.

    I have got RAC crewman as one of my job options but I am being held back by my careers office for selection due to under average fitness (I am on a fitness course with a royal marine. Nearly kills me 3 days a week.) I am considering changing my first job option to have tank crewman (or reconnaissance crewman if I get it this time, didn't last time for some reason.)

    However, my main concern that is making me hesitate is the fact that I have little to no experience working with vehicles and the horror stories I am getting from experienced crewmen like the dreaded field track repair. I understand I will receive full training with the vehicles, but I am a tad worried I might be overwhelmed with the vehicles systems. The closest thing I have done to repairing a vehicle is a bodge job using a stake of wood to hold a fan-belt straight.

    you couldn't give me some details on the job role besides the obvious info that was on the MOD site; also could there be a specific reason why I didn't have recon crewman (My preferred job choice over MBT crewman) on my job list?

  2. I think he's referring to the imminent incoming.
  3. Should have posted in recruitment?
  4. Go for the AA mate.
  5. They still allow people to join the armoured units?! Anyway, this isn't the NAAFI, so semi-sensible head on, tanks aren't exactly difficult, you'll do the course, turn up to your unit knowing nothing and then proceed to learn on the job from the guys senior to you anyway. Couple of years down the line and you'll be one of the more knowledgable guys and hopefully get promoted and end up doing one of the trade instructors courses.

    Hours of fun.
  6. Blunt as a baseball bat on that one eh?
  7. If only you'd seen what I'd seen...

    Grease guns, OMD90, torque wrenches as big as an adult dwarf, track pads, lots of track pads! Those bloody track pads! Don't get me started on splitting the track! 4a and 4b, maint schedules!

  8. Oh god.
  9. I have seen Challenger 2s burning off the shoulder of Orion.......
  10. Mate I wouldn't worry too much about the mech side of things. You are taught a lot at Phase 2 training. You find a lot of your time at regimental duty will not involve too much vehicle maint anyway, this due to whole fleet management. Crack on with your phys, the days of ''Tankies'' are pretty much over. If you join a recce/lt Cav regiment you will need to be fit and you will spend even less time on the tank park with a tool bag and grease gun.
  11. So what you are saying is no matter what regiment I join, I will be taught how to fight with and without the vehicle not just the former?
  12. You're always taught how to fight without your trade. No matter what your cap badge you'll learn the basics of fighting as an infantry soldier and constantly brush up on it. Won't be up to their standard, but you'll still do it.
  13. How often is constantly?
  14. I saw a 432 steaming gently in a rastplatz once

    more than once actually