Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Luke_16, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys well my name has 16 but im now 17. Anyway i went in to the army careers office today, and im worried that they need all the bloody help they can get, im getting quite worried. Right i have my BARB on friday and i hand my application in on day i do barb. then next week i have selection, im seriously worried why so quick?

  2. hahaha what u joining as mate?
    they do realy need some jobs but others are realy hard to get!

    most people want to get pushed through quick! why wouldnt u?
    there just trying to get u a job!
    whats ur run time1.5mile?
  3. if you are that worried just stay at cadet level for the time being
  4. You cant do your selection until your medical has cleared, which i dont think they would give you the med forms to give to your doctor, until you have been and done your barb and handed in your application form.

    I think you might be a bit confused.
  5. Im joining as infantry. 1.5 miler 9 mins. Press ups 67 sit ups 82.
  6. I guess that's one way you could put it.
  7. he is right tho u need to wait norm about a monthish for your medical paper to come through!
    and they still have to interview u 2 x and the send u on a pd day before they even send u away!
    honest u wont be away and quicker than a few months i doubt!
    its taken me 2 yrs hahaha but am a funny case! norm takes about 3 months! plus the next infanty intakes not till april am sure cos my mate couldnt get on the feb one cos it was full or something!
    just ask the office guys ano they seem like there all nobs there not they will tell u honestly anything if u ask! its there job at the end of the day!
  8. When i had applied i sent the med forms off before my barb? some recruiters probably do it differently so maybe he has done the medical?

    edit... but then agian why would you do the medical before the application??
  11. When you were told 'selection', they probably meant pre-selection. Most new recruits have to do it....
  12. I never had to do a pre selection though.
  13. :wink:
  14. I believe that most AFCO's have pre selections now, far too many people tried to blag there way through selection and couldnt even scrape through on the run. I remember my meds being sent upto glasgow one day and I had a yes back from them the day after so its not unknown for it too happen so quickly, I was a 203 though so that may have had something to do with it.