Worried where to invade next?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AndyPipkin, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. Godallphorkingmighty! The ignorance is really frightening, ain't it? And when I think that the level of knowledge of those making the decisions isn't going to be any better than these mlaars, I do feel a distinct vibration beginning in my nether regions.

  2. JESUS!

    Very clever way of showing the rest of the world just how dumb the Americans really are, a bit rich though coming from an Aussie (Wanna be American).
  3. Right, thats it, i'm outahere!

    Where the hell did they get so much trailer trash from? That is bloody scary!
  4. 8O 8O 8O

    The most powerful nation on Earth.... We're all doomed.
  5. Well i think the USA will probably invade Iran next (if they invade anywhere at all) but i dont think we (the UK) will participate in any Conflicts like Iraq for a long time as Mr Blair will almost definetly get a vote of no confidence if he brings a case to the House of Commons. It would be Tory heaven if they did!
  6. So we now know for a fact that they don`t teach geography in the USA schools, scary stuff, but then would they get a better response from the general public of the UK??, be honest now 8) As an afterthought, my son before his last tour of Iraq phoned his sister to let her know he would be off there soon and she asked what he was going there for and he replied `well its not for a feckin holiday!` :?
  7. No suprise to me at all. I once worked with a trainee social sciences teacher from Illinois (geography, or the political aspects of it would be his responsibility at school). Although otherwise charming, he asked me, in all seriousness, whether Scotland was on the same landmass as England. 8O

    Similarly, whilst on top of Arthurs Seat (large hill in centre of Edinburgh), my young lady and I espied two middle aged American tourists, looking North, towards Fife across the Firth of Forth. The woman turned to her husband and said - "say, is that France?"
  8. All totally believable, once whilst drinking in Oxford we met and took some of our US cousins under our wing(They were presumably fairly intelligent as they were at an Ox Uni).
    After covering many topics one of them enlightened me to the fact that the US colonised, sorry colonized the UK...needless to say i fell off the chair, which i had to fetch in order to fall off of.
  9. What next? English language/literature classes will become American language/literature.
  10. After watching that if America go to war with ANYONE, I certainly don't want to be in Australia.
  11. Great, France so our Aussey cousins cop a packet.
    Glad the missed out UK but then they took that years ago.
  12. Sadly all too believable. My wife teaches Primary kids in Aussie land, year 4 and at the end of every week they have a geography competition of name the country, its capital and point it out on the big globe she has in the corner. Basic is it not?
  13. unless you are an American and a big yellow bird taught you the Alphabet and geography in between watching the muppet show and the cookie monster