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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by claretsimon, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. Hiya All, this is my first post and im not even sure if this is the right place for it to be honest? ok so im due to start phase 1 training on january 7th in lichfiled. my army office is quite poor and always to busy to talk so was wondering if anybody could tell me what the 12 week course entails?requirements? just basically what to expect? any help would be massivly appreciated. thanks in advance
  2. please?
  3. fitness, drill, fitness, drill, fitness, fitness, getting kit, cleaning kit, fitness, think that about covers it
  4. And a bit of weapon training - and some minor field craft / tactics. Plus personal admin in the field. First Aid. Map reading. Bit of Signals. NBC. Plus Drill. Fitness. Etc :) Plus more of all the above. Enjoy.
  5. 14 weeks not 12
  6. try not to worry too much about it mate, i start just over a week after you at lichfield

    long as your fitness is ok-ish don't worry

    im keeping to the mouth shut, ears open and do my best philophsy, if that's how it's spelt,

    you should be alright fella
  7. This might help...

    ATR Lichfield web page

    and this...

    CMS(SE) explanation
  8. Punctuation and capitalisation play a major part.
  9. I normally do try and help you youngsters on here but something about this post doesnt quite add up, especially as you have said 12 weeks instead of 14 weeks as Chillpill pointed out. As well another one who seems to slag the ACIO and Recruiters down when realistically if you are being honest that you have passed ADSC should know inside out.
    When you went in for your job briefs, interviews and PSO at ADSC you will of been asked about your job, training, how long at each phase and what you would be doing there (correct me if Im wrong). If this has never happened and you SAY you havent been told any of this imformation by anyone in the system or asked questions on this at your many interviews I WILL CALL YOU A LYING CNUT as you are constantly asked this on your interviews.
    Ok have a look at your job briefs on their it will say something like (off the top of my head)going to Lichfield for 14 weeks CMSR (basic training) to do
    weapon drill, drill, first aid, map reading, NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical warfare) physical fitness and assault course, living in the field and field hygeine. Everything to train me from a civilian to a class 3 soldier.
    Once you've done that and passed out you will go onto phase 2 training at xxxxxxx and do xxxx weeks doing your trade training as a xxxxxxx doing ???????

    Its all there in your job briefs and if you have really got through ADSC without knowing this and not asking those in authority then you have got a long hard path ahead.

    Not trying to be a barsteward here but getting p*ssed off with scrotes blaming things on serving soldiers for their own inadequaces :x
  10. Not sure about your ACIO but salisbury ACIO I am full of prase for. Even after day 1 every time I set foot back in there, cough up my name and any recruiter knew what I was doing, how far I was and was encouraging me for the next step. I must admit they do actually seem to care, I got a phone call on the train home from both ADSC and AT CAB asking how I got on.

    I must admit Im a bit of a pest about chasing things like this up (its in my nature working in a legal field) but all the recruiters where more than helpful, hell one of the recruiters even booked me on my phase 1 course before I attended the AT CAB because I was asking about an estimated time for starting phase 1.

    To be honest you can disregard my whole essay there I just have nothing better to do at work, what I was supposed to be posting was that you should probably take a look at yourself and ask yourself how much you want to be in the army. You need to provide evidence that you have researched your trade aswell as the whole army structure at your ADSC and it really doesnt seem that you have, all you need to do is look through the armyjobs website to find all your answers OR as stated just read your job brief. I dont think you can really blame anything on the recruiters since if you want to be in the army you should be off your arse finding out as much as you can, not expecting it in bite sized chunks layed out infront of you by the recruiter, not going to hold your hand all the way through training aswell.
  11. remember its not nbc but cbrn now!
  12. in my personal experience there is nothing that can prepare you for what your about to undertake my best advice is keep ya mouth shut and your ears open be prepared to take alot in, jus try get your fitness to a good standard before hand, i didn't my first time round and i payed the price, but them pt instructors will whip you into shape
  13. o yes the pti will indded get you into the shape as does the drill and the press ups when ur platoon doesnt do something right which i can assure you will be everyday!
  14. Just remember to tell the pti you thought the session was easy.

    Coat, hat, taxi.
  15. haha yeh i tried that gag vampireuk at winchester pti made me run laps until i puked