Worried about the wedding....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jagman, Apr 26, 2011.

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  1. I have to work on Friday.
    I'm seriously worried that the Muslims Against Crusades or the anarchists will kick off in a big way.

    I'll be seriously upset if I miss the 1st ever live televised cavalary charge on British soil :|
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  2. Sky+ it!!
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  3. Yeh but it just wouldn't be the same watching it later!
  4. I'll be in Munich that day.

    I'm sure that if anything interesting transpires in the wedding between the boring one and the stalker it'll be repeated - ad nauseam.
  5. Right, here's the plan: call me when it happens. My phone is on 24/7 (except when I am fucking) (which is as often as I can manage it) The code word is Ouroborus. I will offer counselling and kind words. Confusion to the FFrenche!
  6. My man at the Met Office tells me it's going to be pissing down,so you won't be missing much.
  7. Aye but think of the fun you can have rewinding/repeating the first sight of shiny iron-shod hoof impacting the fizzog of one of the great unwashed/terry/bogtrotter (depending who kicks off) over and over! It'll be like one of the hypnotic tit based sig blocks scattered around the site but with blood and teeth flying everywhere....TOP!!!
  8. Thank fuck I have just met a real peach of a girl....
  9. You never know "Peter Dow" may turn up in all his warped Jockinese finery, start his usual nonsensical anti monarchy ranting & get lynched by the rightly irate crowd, we can only wish :)
  10. Just the kind of thing I'm afraid of missing!
  11. That alone would justify a whole year of the licence fee!
  12. Is someone getting married
  13. Mmmmh, better than nothing I suppose, perhaps I should plot my route on Friday to make sure I'm always near a Curry's shop window so I can keep an eye on the footage?
  14. I will bet there is Youtube footage of the Poll Tax riots knocking about to get your British soil cavalry charge fix. I remember watching the news at the time as a kid and a mounted Policeman floored and whacked a Lefty soapdodger right on the head with a long peice of wood, seen the footage loads since and it always makes me chuckle!
  15. Link! Link!

    We need an ARRSE instant SMS alert - to inform us if there is anything worth watching.