worried about TA medical

I have been on blood pressure medication in the past. However it has now been treated, and i have not taken medication for two, and a half years. It is fine, and go, and get it checked at my doctors, and check it at home.

I was just wondering whether this may course me problems in passing my medical as i have taken medication in the past. My doctor doesnt seem to think that it will as it has been treated, and know longer a problem. Am i worrying over nothing do you think?
Probably. But I don't think it would hurt for your GP to give you a letter explaining that you are ok and no longer affected by it.
It's out of your hands. Turn up at Belle Vue tomorrow night and the doc will decide for you.


take a read of that thread, and read the link to the cardiovascular leaflet. It may give you some peace of mind, don't want your Blood pressure going up through stress!
You will be (have been seen) by a doctor employed by the TA OH project which is active in 2 Div (Bellevue, Manchester yes?).

He should not pass you direct but would have to refer you. Depending your chosen trade you may or may not be considered for a lower entry standard under what is know as specific DM(A) authority.

Personally, I'd take your age and weight into consideration.

Please email me through ARRSE if you have any further questions on this matter. I'd be interested to know how you got on.

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