Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by grahamd09, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. Have wanted to join the TA for a long while but waited because of fitness levels. I went to join last week and handed my forms in practically straight away. i am now arranged to go on the selection weekend up near edinburgh this weekend!!!! i can do the run in well under 13 mins but am totally hopeless at situps and pressups!! and i mean TOTALLY hopeless!!. am i going to get ripped to f*ck or will i be alright???

    cheers.Please reply!!

  2. No you wont get ripped, put max effort in keep your eyes and ears open and enjoy it, you wont be asked to do anything to pysically demanding nor mentally challenging ..
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    If you can't do 40 pressups and 40 odd situps, why are you bothering? If your running is outstanding you are not a waster generally, you could be okay. But unless you are an old man, you really should be able to do the minimum fitness.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    13 mins is not outstanding...
  5. Because. joining the TA is something i genuinely want to do. im only 20! i was superfit when i was younger... then i broke my leg and kept exercise to a minimum until i made this choice. If its not worth the hastle then i could probably rearrange it?? The impression i got from my mate who is in the unit i want to join is they will get me to the standard i need to be at and this wont be a problem. I am definately hearing otherwise!! :cry:
  6. lol i never said it was outstanding just that i can actually do it...
  7. In the interests of PERSEC you might want to change the publicly-visible email address there, fella.

    Oh, and good luck with your selection weekend - and make sure you enjoy it, irrespective of outcome.
  8. Chap,

    Adding my tuppence worth.......Don't worry about selection from a physical point of view, the run is a 15 minute cut off anyway unless you are going for infantry or para, which it sounds like you aren't. It's been mentioned already but enjoy the experience, listen and don't be a t*sser and you'll do OK.

    Depending on how recently you broke your leg and how much it's hampered your fitness, you could get deferred medically anyway.

    However, if you pass selection, you'll need to step up massively. I passed selection in September '09 with a 11:44 run time which I thought was OK at the time. In reality I'm at the back of the pack general fitness wise and despite pushing my fitness along significantly in the last 6 months, I'm still a bit of a knacker. Getting better every day mind but still more work to do.

    So, If it's what you want, go for it (it's one of the best call's I've made in a long time) but be aware you'll have to get your fitness levels up significantly once you are in training.
  9. enjoy it, get stuck in and smile, be a team player. You will make friends for life.


  10. grahamd09, go and get your selection out of the way.

    Do your best, give a good impression - Your pressups and situps won't be a straight pass/fail. You are assessed on your effort and the impressions you give on the staff, yes there are physical tests to do, and I wouldn't advise rocking up there if you can't do the run in under 14 minutes, however - You seem like you might be okay with the run so give it a good crack.

    As long as you aren't a mong, and you give it some effort and show some determination then you should be taken on.

    So, if you have been given a date for your RSW, get on it and don't worry - Just do your best.
  11. Fortunatly we had a hot day and i was with three of my mukkers, well one got seperated but yeah we had a right crack, the DS were spot on mate and done us proud so you'll be ok i reacon.

    Just a shame we didn't get to go on the lash afterwards it would have it would have capped it nicely.....

    Good luck.....
  12. Good luck with selection grahamd09. I have been attending drill nights for about 4 months now and still havent had a date "in concrete" to take RSD 8O !! Moan over :) Good luck
  13. At this point it's about attitude and commitment. Get stuck in, be willing, be prepared to take some jip, that's the nature of this organisation and it will prepare you for the sort of replies you get on ARRSE :roll:

    From my point, new recruits regardless of initial fitness, have about two to three months to make the right impression i.e. they actively engage and should be working in their own time in addition to training time, to get fit. If you do that, and are not piling on the pies, then there is no reason why any unit will have any concerns about you, on the other hand if you just turn up for training in more or less the same state each time, and are unable to pass the basic physical tests, then expect to be treated accordingly.

    Bottom line, initial fitness is no barrier to a successful career in the TA.
  14. Sounds about right going by my experience this time around.
  15. I'll remove the email adress asap. Thanks for the comments really appreciate it. Since I first went bin running nd that every night nd it does seem to be improving :) I'm not a Mong haha always give everything my best shot nd I'll let u know how it goes :) thanks a lot :)