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I thought to post my concerns about joining the Army here as I did not want to approach my recruiter at this time. I am unsure if my past medical history will cause an issue or result in rejection, I do wish I never seeked out help from a GP as it wouldn’t have caused an issue now, but I never really knew how to deal with some circumstances and learnt the hard way. The thing is, Last year I was subscribed antidepressants for anxiety issues for only one-month as two members of my family passed away and some other issues on the side but mostly drama. But being given antidepressant for only one month, would this cause any issue?

OH ****. Bang head on desk in despair.
(Mods please move this to the "Stupid questions about recruiting" sticky.)
Unfortunately, a stupid question is often asked. The people to speak to are your recruiters, not some faceless internet forum.

If the prescription of this drug will prevent your application, then the recruiters will inform you, you'll know faster & be able to move on. If you don't tell them, it'll be on your med records & the application will be rejected.

On the other hand, it may be fine. Then you'll be able to proceed. Either way, the most accurate, fastest response will come from the careers office.
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