Worried About A Million Things.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by 600Ninja, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. Ok basically i've got a few questions. I thought I might as well put them into one post, not too sure if I've posted in the right section. Sorry if I have posted in the wrong one.

    Right first rumour which is nagging at me in the back of my head is that "If you have flat feet you can't join the army." Ok I think my feet might be slightly flat. I don't have a huge arch and when i was a youngster I went to a nurse about a pain in the heel of my foot. She said it could be because i hate slightly flat feet. But she said they weren't serious. I now blame the pain on skateboarding. Obviously I'm fine now though. Anyway could this effect my medical? My fitness is fine as I box for luton abc

    Also trouble with the law... Ok nearly every teenage lad gets into a bit of a scrap with his dad. Basically my dad came home one night drunk and smashed my prized laptop against the wall four times because he was out of his face. So i got up and got in his face in a bit of a rage. He brought back his fist to hit me, he seemed to move in slow motion. I struck first and he dropped in one. I left the house to cool down and when i came back there were three police cars outside my house. I walked over and gave myself up. Spent 13 hours in a cell. The next day I got charged with a repremand*(can't spell it) it's less then a caution i think. I tried to plead self defence but they were having none of it. Didn't speak to my dad for about 3 months, then we started speaking and now I've back into the family home 6 months later. This happened december just gone.

    Now I'm completely fine with my dad and we get along fine, go down the pub and go fishing and stuff. I regret what happened so badly and it was probs the worst mistake in my life so far. But it was all in the past and I've learnt from it.

    Only problem now is: Are the army going to be able to look my records up with the police and see what happened between me and my dad. If they do they are going to question me on it. Doing this they will think I'm a complete N*b'ead. Also I really will start to panic if I have to tell that story and I really don't want to.

    Question number 3: Intelligence corp.

    Is it true you aren't allowed to tell people that your going for it?

    are 2 C's 2 B's and an A level in public services good enough to be taken seriously?

    I've looked up chicksands and stuff already and know exactly what I'm joining and want it more then anything lol

    Cheers :) serious answers only. Don't waste your energy if your only gonna take the Piss.
  2. The Iron

    We need you!!!!!
  3. From JSP 346.

    Flat feet. Flat feet do not affect the grading under L simply
    because the longitudinal arch appears to be flat, unless there is a history of
    discomfort on running, walking or standing. Those with mobile flat feet
    causing no symptoms are graded L2. Those with mobile flat feet causing
    symptoms or with rigid flat feet are graded L8

    any grading of '8' means unfit for military service.

    as for your demand for serious answers only, this is probably the only one you will now get.

    Open season has been declared.
  4. He should be more worried about you giving him a hoop dhobi.
  5. aslong as your feet dont give you problems when runnings,walking,standing long times you will be fine just say that.

    No that shouldnt stop you i think a reprimand is like a probation for a efw months and if you fcuk up in that tme you get a caution, shouldnt be a problem if they do ask which they msot probably will you will have to state why.

    I think you need 4 C's GCSE for Int corps including a C in English and Maths and also an A level qualifcation in something, Ive done the uniformed services course and it is not a qualification mate sorry.

  6. Ok then, I won't.

    (However, others will, you big gayer)
  7. Just don't snap his knees like the last one you did.

    Rabbit punches are fine though. That will learn him.
  8. Following your post very little you do will be taken seriously

    Its true, you can't tell anyone you are going for the Intelligence corps
    Don't even tell the recruiter, your best bet is to tell them you want to go AGC(SPS) as a cover story.
  9. You fu*king mongs are starting to do my nut in. No, you can't join the army unless you are physically and medically fit. Don't quote me but a few tips are as follows: Must have 2 eyes, 2 legs, 2 arms, not be deaf or have any horrible skin disorders. If your banjoing your old man over a lap top then, Call me mister picky but I don't think you will be of sound mind and character. Now fu*k off. :twisted:
  10. All our Int Corp brochures are in plain paper bags kept under the desk, Just tell the recruiter you want to go AGC and then wink whilst stood on one leg
    He will know what your after.

    As to your other questions try walking into the ACIO/AFCO and bloody asking someone.
  11. You hit your old man? What a tw@t.
  12. I've masturbated 6 times today.
  13. 600Ninja

    You have posted in the right section, and unless this started life in the NAAFI Forum then you should reasonably expect a few sensible responses.

    Bottom line is that if your explanation for your actions is how it really happened then I doubt very much that the Army will turn you down, it may however influence any decisions made by the Army about your preferred choice of job. That will be up to the recruiters to work out for you.

    If you are set on the Int Corps (for some strange reason) then you can always transfer across after doing a proper job for a while, then it will be your mil service to date that counts for more than anything.

    Don't get too hacked off with some of the knob jockeys on here, a lot of them don't have much to live for and picking on someone on t'interweb means they don't have to face the big boys in the real world. If you box for Luton you could probably flatten half of these muppets with a glance.

    The flat feet issue shouldn't be a drama and I wouldn't worry about it.

    Good luck.

    PS. If you originally posted this in the NAAFI then you deserve everything you get and my humblest apologies to those people who think that I am referring to them as muppets.
  14. And scoffed them for fun?