Hey guys, I'm Minister of Growth for the UK on the growing game 'WorldWarOnline', and am looking to recruit ANY UK members for Edition 3. In edition 2, Serbia ruled as did Lebennon, but I feel with some new Military minded folk on board the UK can be a force. Its a really addictive strategy game, you can spend 10 hours a day or 1 hour a day, and with Navy, Air Force, Army all working together I'm sure we can be a world force. I though t it might be worth posting in a military forum as you know more than us regular GI Joes.

Kind regards

Minister of Growth (UK)
provide a link as I can't be arsed Googling it, I would have thought Minister of Growth UK would have a forum or website to link to as well?
I've just put it into google - lots of hits but works computer won't let me access them. Would be interested if someone could take a look and post a precis.
'The Loyal and Proud British Pubic' don't need WWO, come to Yorkshire and
I'll blow your silly fcuking head off.
Looks like an online version of the old favourite 'Command & Conquer'.
Sry didn't know I was allowed to post links, and wanted to respect the board admins. I joined the site in November and am hooked, so addictive, and as I work I just go online an hour or so a day, but am already have the highest Military Rank in the UK. That probably makes me a geek. However some of the tactics used to conquer another country are questionable, and if the UK i going to be a force we need to recruit. The game is free, and linked to facebook, you can spend on it yes t get you higher quicker/faster, i did but then again i dont have much of a life, yep sad, but great fun.

Trailer - [video=youtube;HwCdnBj6LDc][/video]

Site - World War Online - The international strategy war game!
I love how that video gives up on game graphics once it starts trying to show combat. "Sod it, let's just show some live action and hope no-one notices we've left out a massive chunk of game-play".

Is it REALLY like C&C, in that you get proper RTS fights, or is it just another text-based thing where you log in once a day to find all your shit has been destroyed?
The UK fnished 20 something last edition, edition 3 just starting, and already we have 2 of the strongest cuntries as allies, only players from the UK can turn us into a superpower.

[TABLE="class: default_line_table"]
[TD="class: default_line_table_200"][/TD]
[TD="class: default_line_table_auto"]World War Online is a international strategy war game with players from over 130 nations.

World War Online aims to be a realistic and fun simulation of a war where each player will fight for their own country against real players around the world. The game is free to play on all popular browsers.

[h=1]How to play?[/h]
[h=2]Build your base![/h][TABLE="class: default_line_table"]
[TD="class: default_line_table_200"]
[TD="class: default_line_table_auto"]Once you join World War Online you will receive your first base where you can build buildings that will enable you to generate your own resources. As you play you will feel the need to start expanding your empire, you can do this by creating a new base with a mobile headquarters.
There are several

[h=2]Create your army![/h][TABLE="class: default_line_table"]
[TD="class: default_line_table_200"]

[h=2]Fight for your country and conquer the world![/h][TABLE="class: default_line_table"]
[TD="class: default_line_table_200"]
[TD="class: default_line_table_auto"]Join your country in the mission to win World War Online by conquering other countries.
Each country is independently run by their their government that is democratically elected. The government consists of a president and ministers.
Once a country has won World War Online, the top countries and top players are inserted in the hall of fame and a new edition is started.
[TD="class: default_line_table_auto"]Now that you own a few bases and it is time to start creating your army! Military buildings allow you to build different military units.
Various attacks are available: steal resources, conquer a base with a general, destroy a base with special forces, send reinforcements to players from your country or infiltrate a base with a spy. Each unit has their vulnerabilities and strengths you can simulate a battle to see how they work.



ProfeesorFudger, that didn't really answer the question with regards to the combat.

This does seem very similar to Travian, will I wake up tomorrow morning to find that someone has robbed all my supplies and skiffed my dog?
From the video...what little of it there was of the looks like SimCity rewritten to add a bit of wariness. So I won't be partaking.
dunno, i dont think anyone can take your supplies no, they can conquer you though, but we are workng as a team to help each other, if you base but you can build 1000's gets under attack we will be defending a ne and attacking as one. Yeah agree bit like SimCity, EmpireEarth etc, but like marmite you love those or hate them.
Been playing it today and it is Travian, but just glossed up a bit more. Its the same right down to being able to build consumable defences for your base except they call them anti personnel mines and anti tank mines in this game....
Well it looks like something I can log into at work but - It's linked to Facebook. I have a Facebook account but it's strictly for stalking ex's and seeing if any of the good looking fanny I went to school with have turned into munters. Definitely not something I'd want within the same postcode as my work PC.
seems popular with the military folk though think we recruited a good dozen from military sites like this, as the game takes months, it really is the country with the players who do well. Last edition the UK finished 20-30th which isnt good, however recruits this edition has more than doubled at western europe are taking note.We just invaded Luxemborg and took their capital, France next target. As this is linked to facebook you know your going against real people in other countries.

Our current allies are Lebanon, Azerbijan, Albania.

Enemies include Denmark, France at the moment.

Players = more resources = more attacks = UK conquering more countries.

World War Online - The international strategy war game!
hahha just joined and this looks great, infact the best browser game advertised on arrse to date ,including travian, what we need is players tho, england has a finish flag over it at the moment due to not alot of uk players, you can plan attacks on the world and take over countries and build oil refineries and gold mines and stuff
The real fun comes when you play well enough to be asked to serve in parliament, better still run for president. Ministers have unique functions, including discussing terms with other countries, contolling the UK bank, keeping an eye of defenses, developing new players. In honesty your right the UK is doing badly due to bad Government decisions notably when i was president, and yes the more players we have the bigger we willl become as a force, the we wont get our arses kicked by Findland etc!

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