World's Worst National Anthems

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by King_of_the_Burpas, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Welsh - very stirring... that is if one can understand WTF they are on about.
    Scots - brings tears to my eyes... mainly because we're going to lose again at Rugby.

    Why is it that all tin-pot Latino countries have poor copies of Verdi/Puccinni as theirs? Give me "God Save" any day!
  2. Have to be honest, God Save The Queen/King is a right fucking dirge.
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  3. Agreed, and hopefully it wil be replaced by either 'Land of Hope and Glory' or the theme to 'The Archers' on King Charles III's succession.
  4. My Welsh is very very infant school standard!
    But when I was young every sporting occasion was worth going to because of the rousing nature of the way it was sang, sadly now it's embarrassing to hear the mumbling, and the sportsmen themselves haven't a fcuking clue, the's still agood anthem though.
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  5. Ours must be good, every fucker uses it!



    Swiss national anthem - "Rufst du mein Vaterland" - YouTube The Swiss

    HEIL DIR IM SIEGERKRANZ - Deutsche Kaiserhymne - YouTube The German Kaiser

    God Save the Tsar Zarist Russia

    Heil unserm König Heil (Bayrische Königshymne) - Volksliederarchiv The Kingdom of Bavaria until 1966 ( I wonder why they dropped it in that particular year?)

    Gott segne Sachsenland The kingdom of Saxony

    Hawai, Iceland and of course the septics have all borrowed it:

    America-my country 'tis of thee - YouTube septic song
  6. This one, bar none;

    Australian National Anthem - Advance Australia Fair - YouTube

    Dire, woeful, execrable, a national embarrassment. Perpetrated during the 1980's, it's only fit to be performed by a tone-deaf 10-year-old playing a plastic kazoo, or used as a party trick which culminates in spraying a mouthful of beer over one's victims.

    Emotive, archaic, patronising lyrics which deserve nothing better than to be droned through the nose in broadest Strine. The fact that it's less popular and less apt than this;

    I still call Australia home- Peter Allen - YouTube

    speaks volumes. Peter Dodds McCormick, you are a cunt. That is all.
  7. I nominate "O! Canada", as not only is it dull, but we're still expected to sing half the anthem in French, ffs.

    "The Maple Leaf Forever" would've been a much better choice for a national anthem.

    The Maple Leaf Forever - YouTube
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  8. I like Blake's Jerusalem.
  9. As many of you know I am a Septic sort. The US national anthem is unsingable by any normal person due to a very large range from the low notes to the high notes. Maybe Dame Julie Andrews could have done it in her prime but few others. I always thought they should have used America the Beautiful instead.

    As a kid I learned all the words to God Save the Queen as my dad was a hockey fan and lots of games started with both US and Canadian anthems. Oh Canada sounds goodbut it took a while to learn the words when the Canadians dumped God Save the Queen.

    The Soviet anthem was quite nice sounding despite not knowing the words but two F'n long. When a Russian-US hockey game is held they play both and it takes forever until the puck drops.

    My major per peeve is when US teams get a "star" to song and they decide to turn the national anthem into a soul/blues/R&B/ Country and Western version. I have not heard a hip hop version yet but I am sure someone hase done that too.

    The French national anthem is pretty good. I like this version:
    Scene from "Casablanca" movie - YouTube
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  10. A national anthem done in the Mariachi style? Is the world ready for that?
  11. How about a national anthem about OUR country, rather than something glorifying an imposed ruler who is largely an anachronism.
  12. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    ... Mark, it ain't far off if you see the stats for Spanish usage in the USA... Si? I can just hear "Jose, can you see..."

    Oh, and Colin449 unless you're coming off stag/going to bed after a night on the lash and falling asleep on the sofa/going to work, stop being miserable. Our Boss does a fine job and brings in ££££ to this country. Let's not turn this into a Royal/anti-Royal thread and concentrate on the post.
  13. I agree, should have been "waltzing matilda".