Worlds worst Airports

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by longlivethequeen, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. Right chaps what is the worst Airport you have been to. Mine will be Gatwick which I have been stuck in for 9 hours sprog no1 made a cock up on her flights. The only bonus is the eye candy.
  2. T3 at CDG.
  3. Grimmest architecture-wise was Budapest. When we flew in for an Ex in 2001 I thought I'd walked into a real-life version of Firefox. Bizarre.

    Worst experience was Toronto while it was getting refurbed. No rhyme or reason to detours around the terminal and a pain in the tits to navigate. Wank.

  4. And if you get stuck at Heathrow for 10 hours next week,will your choice be Heathrow?

    And your worst motorway being the M25 in about an hours time when you get stuck in a 35 mile tailback? ;-)
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  5. Beauvais on Christmas Eve ....
  6. I thought flying from Manchester to Heathrow would be so much easier than driving. Whatever that domestic terminal is was chaos, this was 1997. I gave BA a miss until 2006 and it was even worse.
    Never, ever again.
  7. Basrah. The only fun was watching a right fat bloke fall on the floor after attempting to sit on a plastic chair.

    Recently? Manchester. Until Jarrod turned up 10 hours after I'd been there and we went to the Executive Lounge.

    I don't remember much after that.
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  8. Friends don't let friends do Ryanair.
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  9. Hate airports …… with a passion, they are only fit for rabbits, like the warrens of Middle Earth! Totally incoherent! You spend hours trying to find your way around the terminal looking for gate 27, 86, 13 or some unrelated number!! As for short-timed connections, forget them, you end up sleeping on the floor!! Running through endless thoroughfares like demented rabbits is not my idea of fun! Schiphol airport is the worst, security seems to find it amusing to search you when you are in a rush, searched me because my canvass belt was sewn to my trousers, thus irremovable …… batards! Nearly cost me a flight, made it to the plane just as the door was closing, sweating and semi-dressed and whispering under my breath “you can stick your tulips up your backside!!”
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  10. Ouch!!
  11. Most probably how ever I will not be paying £9.40 for the first 2 hour car park charge what a rip off, I hope young sprig has some money left for it daddy had a small admin mistake as well and only brought £20 and no plastic.
  12. Mombasa, full of 'Jobsworths' intent on stamping everything with gusto, only good
    thing to be said for it is being able to give the resident Crows a fcuking hard time.
  13. Murmansk - in February with no heating and an 8 hour delay. I was glad to get to Sheremyetovo (another dump of an airport).
  14. No, it's just you.

    Nobody nominated Brize?
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  15. That goes without saying.
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