Worlds smallest girl proud of her tiny size

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DrStealth, Apr 8, 2008.

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    in a year from now she will be 16.

    she sounds like a goer.

    dont know about bollywood, but theres a star future for her in a extreme midget sex porn thats for sure. baby size eh? now theres a market.

    would you? :twisted:
  2. Judging from what Ive just been reading in the What I did this weekend... thread theres a few on here who would have a go.
    Me , I`ll wait till shes grown up a bit,got to be at least 2`tall to get my blood flowing
  3. I would add older than 15 to that criteria too if I were you!
  4. Well,shes 1`11" now at 15,so by the time shes grown another inch she`ll be at least 17 I reckon
  5. god no! shes 15!

    i dont want to go to jail! :twisted:
  6. 1 more year she will be the right age to use as a condom to Rodger her larger mates.
  7. She needs booting over a high fence, pointless individual, stamp on it
  8. Id love to boot her like a rugby ball.
  9. 15 years old you say. :twisted: