Worlds most f*cking ugly dog

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hans, Aug 4, 2005.

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  1. There's not really much point to this post but thought the attached photo may be of use to some of you.

    As far as I can tell this...this...abomination won 'The Worlds Ugliest Dog' competition in California. I'm sure you'll agree this wasn't a fix. If I were the judge I'd take a spade to the poor fcuker, and slap the owner. If you have seen any creature to have suffered a worse shoeing from the Ugly Tree than this mutt I'd love to know.

    Link is this but its in Russian
  2. Had an ex who looked like that...

    'but i ain't a arrser - i like girls ONLY '
  3. Sixty

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  4. keeps making me laff
  5. In English:

    Origins: Sam is a 14-year-old pedigreed Chinese crested owned by Susie Lockheed of Santa Barbara, California. In June 2005, Sam won the "World's Ugliest Dog" title at the Sonoma-Marin Fair contest for the third consecutive year.

    The Associated Press described Sam thusly:

    The tiny dog has no hair, if you don't count the yellowish-white tuft erupting from his head. His wrinkled brown skin is covered with splotches, a line of warts marches down his snout, his blind eyes are an alien, milky white, and a fleshy flap of skin hangs from his withered neck. And then there are the Austin Powers teeth that jut at odd angles.

    He's so ugly that even the judges recoiled when he was placed on the judging table . . .:lol:
    Unfortunately, Sam is suffering from a number of age-related ailments (congestive heart failure, lung and kidney problems) and will probably make no more public appearances, so he may have to cede his "World's Ugliest Dog" crown in next year's competition.
  6. looks like the living version of Yoda...may the force be with him, but after reading minx's post there is no force...this geek is crushed:D
  7. 8O FFS ctauch! I told you that doing those things to it would make one of you blind... :roll:
  8. But it was sooooo much fun :D