"Worlds Luckiest Soldier"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jungelism, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. Soldier takes a round to the head, but misses by 2mm?? Thats a close call. Back on duty within the hour, good drills that man.

  2. I'm glad to see he kept his head.
  3. This happend this weekend?
    Lucky and brave indeed,to get back at work right after!
  4. Fancy ringing his Mother to tell her. Bloody idiot! (Him not her)

    That's really going to set his family's minds at rest for the rest of his tour. Why didn't he just shut up about it to outsiders?
  5. I don't think he would have had an option as he wasn't injured. I'm sure the Mercians haven't got a policy of sending their men back to Bastion who have near misses with small arms fire.

    Lucky sod though!
  6. I want this bloke to pick my EuroMillions numbers! :D

    Good luck and good drills. 8)
  7. That won't help you, he's used all his luck! :D
  8. This has previously happened on Op TELIC with a 7.62 round skimming around the inside of a helmet that it had punched through. Looks like those two will have some good war stories to swap over a beer ;)
  9. Selfish b@stard! :D
  10. Good Drills but got to admit I wouldnt want to advertise the fact due to the impact on family back home.
  11. If I was that close to the enemy I would want a helmet that stopped bullets not let them in, brave and lucky soldier.