Worlds largest natural breasts

I'm sure there will be suitable comments about this woman and her all natural assets, so here for your viewing pleasure is....

woman and her unfeasibly large breasts
Annie Hawkins-Turner's Guinness World Record breasts are size 102ZZZ and weigh eight stone.
I've just got very large boobs which I've learned to take and just do marvellous things with
Shame she's a fat munter.
Shame shes black
She's smuggling immigrants.


Shame she's a fat munter.
Well, she can't exercise with those things attached to her front can she?... they'd either fly up and she'd get knocked out by her own knockers or the sheer weight of them flapping about would cause one or both to rip away from her body. As a lady all I can say looking at those is "fucking ouch!"...

...sometimes less is very definitely more!

on the plus side imagine all the stuff you could keep under there, car keys, purse, bag, spare pair of shoes, weeks worth of groceries, the entire isle of man, great storage right there!
If she put them under her arms, you could play
with 'em whilst you were dancing with her......... to have a technicolor yawn!
If as she says they weigh eight stones, how the fuck did they weigh them?

Would they have been weighed individually, or jointly. This is a serious scientific question, and not just me having dirty thoughts. Honest.
At least she'll not break her nose if she falls!!

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