Worlds fattest man plans to sue the NHS!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mag_to_grid, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    So it would seem that after the TV show the other night, the 'ambulance chasing' bastards who call themselves lawyers have probably got to him and told him that they could get money from the NHS.

    The saddest part is they probably will. If a payment is given by the NHS, I hope they deduct the treatment has has received!!
  2. I've just posted this elsewhere (crap kids names 2011) but it applies to this thread too:
    You know the school for Mutants in the film X Men. Do you reckon they had a wing/dorm for crap mutants that no one saw?
    I mean in the film, it's only about mutants with cool powers.
    What about all the mutants with wank powers that are just an embarrassment to the rest of the mutants and Dr Xavier?
    Shits his own bodyweight when someone talks to him.
    Psychic on a thursday night for 10 minutes
    Can only talk backwards
    Stinks of fish when nervous

    Maybe the fat bloke from the telly the other night is a shit X Men Mutant!
  3. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    That useless fat piece of scrounging shite makes me really want to go postal, FFS what a waste of everything, they should dump the cnut in an island to fend for himself
  4. ....has the ability to remain invisible from fellow internet users despite strenuous efforts to be identified.
  5. More like...Greedyfatcuntwantsevenmorefreebies.
  6. He was a total bellend on the's up on 4od for anyone wishing to see it. He just moaned that everyone calls him fat, that the NHS should give him the surgery of £20,000 and stop wasting his health costs and when they cut his costs he actually smashed his hospital room up and cried.
  7. They should just let the waste of space die.
  8. Fat the NHS are responsible for him being a lazy FAT CNUT!!!!....I hope the stress of getting this going to court sorts him for good.....CNUT!!
  9. I saw a programme the other night about that fat quivering mound of excessitude.....100 k a year it costs for that fat fcuker for his care ,food etc etc fat cnut did nothing but whine cry and he's sueing ? What that human puddle needs is a nice fat ( pun intended ) bill for all the time and money that's been spent on him .....grrrrrrr
  10. Price's Candles should put in a bid in for his carcass. There's a lot of tallow to be had there.
  11. In X men 3 the crap mutants had the option of being turned back to normal humans, thats what Rouge did so she could do her boyfriend without killing him.

    This guy is a disgrace, no one made him stuff his disgusting fat face and if he does get a payout its less resources for those who truly deserve it like those having to come from Helmand to spend time at QE hospital in Birmingham for life saving treatment and rehabilitation.
  12. I know. Three times I've used that gag. THREE....
    AND I only had one PM from the "how do you not break opsec thread". I didnt know him either!
    I might just bore off back to Facebook....
  13. I thought you managed to elicit some recognition as it happens, albeit unwelcome. I got 'outed' the other day and frankly I'd rather remain hidden.
  14. Yeah. It was probably a bad,Stella induced, idea. Nowts happened since though. I'm being "watched," apparently. But hey, aren't we all!
    Anyway, how fat was that bloke?
    Fancy doing that to him-the NHS bastards!
    Hope he sues them for every penny!