World's Biggest Clown Car Crashes


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Now this is impressive - I've seen cars in Afgh and Iraq (let alone India) packed to the gills with passengers, but this one would take some beating:

"At least 14 people were killed and 24 were wounded Wednesday morning when a passenger car slipped over the road in the southern Ghazni province. "The incident happened in Nani area of the province's Andar district when a passenger car was on its way from Ghazni to Kandahar," Ghulam Mohammad Rasikh, the province's traffic chief told TOLOnews. The wounded were taken to Ghazni Central hospital.
Fifteen people were killed and 24 were wounded in the incident, Mohammad Ismail Ibrahimzai, head of the Ghazni Central hospital told TOLOnews reporter. Women and children are also among the wounded, he added. Afghan government officials have often cited overdriving as the main cause of traffic accidents, which result in heavy casualties.

That's either 36 people in one car, or slightly fewer but the car managed to plough through a large crowd. And notice it does not mention if anyone escaped unscathed. Where they all midgets? Dangerously anorexic? All 3 year old Jockeys? Or was it a new Ryanair test run of their new roadservice.

I am also not sure what they mean by 'overdriving', but it's probably something very very nasty indeed, possibly linked to having five people in the driver's seat.

Whatever, this example of efficient use of resources should be lauded and used to inform the SDR, at the very least - who needs Bedfords? Coaches? Tristars?....
How disappointing. I thought the Pope was dead.
Well keep your chin up, he will be in Birmingham on the 19th to meet the total of 5 Christians(2 Catholic, 1 CoE, 1 Methodist, 1 Misc) that live there. Might be a nice "warm" welcome for him.

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I attended a car crash - a Ford F250 overturned going around a corner in a rural area, and it was the only car involved. We pulled 5 adults from the front cab, and a further 23 from the back cab. No-one was injured - we surmised that they had been so tightly packed in that there wasn't room for whip-lash or any of the other regular injuries at motor incidents of this nature.

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