Worlds best/worse chat-up lines

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by jimnicebutdim, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. Reading the stag-do task thread has started a conversation in my office for the worlds best and worst chat-up lines. Any Arrsers know any good ones please let us know and we'll check them on the dorises in the office.
  2. Nah, if you were gagging to be a Mod you'd have a profile like this chopper:
  3. Jim you will learn the hard way that some of the nazi nob heads on this site will expect you to go back 3 years checking every thread to make sure youd dont do it again, i say balls to them just because they were here first that dont make it there site, post on my friend.
  4. And what part of my profile indicates that I want to be a Mod? If you actually read the profile I linked to it says "I want to be a Mod". Now F*ck off you dull, unfunny, student, cnut.
  5. Funnily enough I did read what Hellfyyr's profile contained. I thought it was a bit of a cnutish thing to start ripping into Hellfyyr just because someone was having a go at you.

    Dull, unfunny, student, cnut? Yep that pretty much sums me up. Still, it's better than having a mono-brow.
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    "I want to be Admin one day"

    I dont. Too much ag. Just saying. Its a belting chatup line. Fair has the Memsahibs swooning so it does.
  7. I'm with Hallveg on this one.

    I have previously tried searching for threads, only for the search function to simply give me a list of threads that have just been posted in chronological order. Theres no point ripping into him for the sake of it because he started a new thread. Stab, you ripped into me on the TA board for asking a question that was supposedly answered in the ARRSEpedia. It wasn't. Did I get an apology, No.

    I don't really see the point of flaming people outside of Chubb/Pentwyn really.

  8. There's another thread someplace about chat up lines. Some belters in there (by 'belter', i mean not guaranteed to work as you'd think, more guaranteed to make your intended victim s*it themselves with laughter. Bonus!) but, funnily enough, none of the ones from this thread. Hmmm....
  9. I dunno, i called some bird a dull unfunny student cunt and she loved it.
  10. Sh!t, thats a compliment to half the greedys I woke up to at uni.
  11. Nice one mate, my personal name for them is "rotters"
  12. My bold. Don't be a dick, people don't expect you to spend hours searching. However, this thread was on page one of the lonely hearts forum. Pretty F*cking obvious.

    Rab, if you want to be an officer, I hope that you'd use a little more common sense. Why not post a thread along the lines of "the wiki page is a little unclear" (even though it wasn't) or ask a wiki ninja ta type to clarify it?

    However, if it's an apology you want: I apologise for your stupidity and I apologise again for not making sure the wiki page was so crystal clear that a half dead three year old, could understand it.

    Death_Rowums: We've all posted some shite on a few too many threads, once in a while. The difference between you and me is that I've actually worn green kit. You haven't. Now f*ck off and get your mum to tuck you in after she's brought you a hot ribena.