Worlds best Sniper video!

There's an awesome one I saw ages ago which I'd love to get hold of. It's of some Middle Eastern terrorists (possibly Hizbollah in the 1980s/90s) attempting to fire mortar rounds but cocking everything up, culminating in putting the wrong size round down the tube, having to turn it upside down to extract it. The American voice over calls them something like "Abdul Abdullah and his brother Ben".

If anyone knows where I can get hold of it I'd be v grateful.
There's one where the bloke's ear protectors remain stationary but the recoil kicks him out from under them. Hilarious...!!
Saw one at work about 2 years ago of a spam militia type firing a Barratt .50 from the hip??? Spins him right round and he ends up flat on his face
5.56mm wrote
i no its weired people thinking, they are hard by blowing up fireworks by them.
I read back lsakjljogoidhoirhgoadsfhgoieroir.

I was hoping one of the would be maimed making that clip, the end titles say it all (I skipped to the end) "Stupid Productions", quite.
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