World we see is make-believe, top British scientist says

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Afghan_Kandak, Aug 6, 2011.

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  1. World we see is make-believe, top British scientist says From: NewsCore July 30, 2011 12:06AM

    THE human brain creates its own version of reality, and the world we see around us is mostly make-believe, according to a top British scientist.
    Professor Bruce Hood will explore the limits of the human mind in a series of prestigious lectures for the Royal Institution of Great Britain, the oldest independent research body in the world, it was announced yesterday.

    The psychologist plans to induce false memories in audience members and use pickpockets to demonstrate how easily people are distracted, in a bid to prove how we have less control over our own decisions and perceptions than we like to imagine.

    "A lot of the world is make-believe. We're only aware of a fraction of what's going on," Hood told The (London) Times. "We have this impression of an expansive panorama in front of our eyes, but all we are ever seeing is an area the size of our thumbs at an arm's distance. The rest is filled in, as the brain creates a stable environment."

    ..He added, "Though you might think you're an individual and captain of your ship, a lot of processes are being controlled by those around you and your environment."

    Hood will head the talks for the Royal Institution's Christmas Lectures, which were started in 1825 by Michael Faraday and have been held every year since then, except for a break during World War II.

    "One thing I guarantee is that I will leave the audience wondering if they can ever trust their brain again," he said.

    World we see is make-believe, top British scientist says |
  2. And? Hate the way it says Senior member in your profile.

    So what is the reason for posting this? Just a load of drivel, and its a scientist jumping on the bandwagon of people like David Blain and Derran Brown. Just Shyte.
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  3. Yes, I have bitten. Soooo bored tonight!
  4. The Matrix is!
  5. There is no spoon!:meditate:
  6. Cow

    Cow LE

    what? No spoon? How the hell do we eat our rat packs then??
  7. has anyone got a red pill?
  8. It can't possibly be. I have a far more creative imagination than this.

    Where are the nekid ladies, for example?
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  9. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Come on, AK. Anyone who's supped a few cans of Special Brew knows that. No need for a Masters in Science.
  10. matrix time!
  11. I can believe scientists don't have a clue what's going on around them if they spend their time coming up with this stuff but I'm fairly certain that I can see what's in front of me, probably like most other normal people.
  12. You know someone proly pays them to come up with this shit & its probly us lol
  13. This isn't a particularly new idea; Bertrand Russell considered it (though from a philosophical perspective, rather than a scientific one) in 1911 (yep, 100 years ago, and various other thinkers had also considered similar questions centuries before that), and came to the conclusion that what we do not see ('become acquainted with') objects directly, but are instead acquainted with a connection between the object and our minds. For more, see: Russell, B. "The Problems of Philosophy" (Oxford: OUP, 1912).
  14. This so called 'stable environment' that our brain supposedly suggests to us is a load of bollocks. If I see some bloke selling kebabs from afar out of a mobile van, I can walk up to him and buy one. If I see a scrap of newspaper blowing around in the street, I can pick it up and read it. If I see a homeless person sleeping rough in a shop doorway I could buy him a big mac and know he wouldn't go hungry that night. (Hypothetical situation of course, homeless people suck) The world is real, and very, very shit.

    There is most definitely a great big ******* spoon in front of you, and I'm going to twat you on the bonce with it.
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  15. On a related (kind of) note. I once read that when one of the great explorers (it was either Captain Cook or Columbus) reached the place they discovered the natives couldn't see their ships when they were pointed out to them. They were so different from anything they'd ever seen before that their brains just couldn't process what their eyes were telling them was there so they just didn't see them.