World War Zed!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SausageDog, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. I, as a total sausage, and hater of all thing shit, have been waiting for this film to be released for what seems like months.

    I have noticed bus stop adverts for this film whilst cruising my hood today, and have just seen an official TV advert for the film.

    The trailer I watched many months ago, before my jail term, looked very exciting.

    The TV advert makes me want to not watch it, and spend the evening helping elderly people keep their larders full, for free.

    Have I been bullshitted?
  2. Yes!
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  3. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    It was a great book...then they screwed it up.
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  4. Never mind all that shit, tell me more about your visit to the big hoose. What did you get pinged for? Was Pebbles there again and did Biped rule the wing with an iron fist and a disposable razor melted into a toothbrush handle?

    On a professional level though would you like me to sort those new tattoos out for you? I'm sure I can turn that swastika done with ink from a bic into a delightful bucket of kittens or a Sailor Jerry pin-up girl.
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  5. ..the trailer link you (originally) had in your OP was in German.

    So unless there is plenty of "Noch mal bier bitte" floating about in the dialogue, I for one would be fucked.
  6. It's an OK book, a bit repetitive and silly in places but then that's typical of the zombie genre. Being a series of occasionally entertaining PoliSci vignettes it's not really suitable for conversion into a action feature and we've had the long trudge towards death of The Walking Dead

    They went for 28 days style running ghouls and then edited the film down to get a mass audience PG rating, bizarre, that's Hollywood for you.
  7. Gonna be a total disaster hopefully as it was a great book.
  8. You forgot to ask about the violent rape in the showers.


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  9. Go on S-Dog, dish the dirt, what did you go along for?
  10. Yes.

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  11. I had to laugh when I heard that the director searched the world for locations that looked like a zombie ravaged, post apocalyptic wasteland.

    And they found ......

    .... Glasgow.
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  12. Saved on the make up as well
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  13. Are you sure wasn't for the colonial architecture which resembled Philly?


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