World War Z

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by St_Piran, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. For all you zombie fans, I've just been listening to the excellent talking book adaptation of Max Brooks World War Z. It tells the story by means of individual interviews with a variety of survivors of the aftermath of a global undead epidemic and is truly superb. The cast includes Alan Alda, Jurgen Prochnow, Mark Hamill and Henry Rollins and each gives a convicing account of their involvement. The US infantryman recounting his experience of the battle of Yonkers, the 'Little big horn' of the zombie war is particularly convincing and sounds familiar on a number of levels and the interview with the Englishman who lived out the war in Windsor Castle after the Queen opens all royal residences as sanctuaries as long as those seeking refuge contribute to their defence is fantastic, drawing comparisons with the queen refusing to abandon her people by fleeing to safety on the Isle of Man and remaining as a figurehead on the front line to that of her mother doing the same in the Blitz. I've also seen concept art of the Battle of Yonkers for the planned film adaptation of WWZ and it looks incredible so hopefully they'll continue in the same vein and not make a total balls of it and yet again ruin something I love. If you're into talking books, or just need something to fill a bit of time (for me me weekly journies to Aldershot from Cornwall and back again, the A303 has never seemed to pass so pleasantly), give this a go, even if you're not a fan of the zombie/horror genre you won't be disappointed.
  2. I read the book - its awesome, and i'm not even into Zombie horror.
  3. seconded i couldnt put the thing down when i got it and ended up reading it twice in a week
  4. Good recommend Piran, loving the Zombie stuff :)

    Some of the fake trailers made, are really very good. Not overly sure about who is supposed to be making it, maybe I'm the only person singularly unimpressed with Babylon 5? Get Joss on the case :)
  5. If you can get on with reading them, it is available as a ebook as well:

    World War Z
  6. Funnily enough finished rereading it yeterday - it's a corker of a book. Didn't know they were making a film of it - fingers crossed it will do this masterpiece justice.
  7. Thanks for the link, just finished reading it.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it, though TBH I don't even like zombie horror films.

    Shaun of the dead excepted. :D
  8. Just finished it, what a great find (h/t to st piran)

    As said already, I hope if there is a film it does the book justice!
  9. Last year I read an interesting book; World War 2.1

    Set in the future and at the Battle of Midway, but not about zombies.
  10. According to the IMDB a film is in pre-production.
  11. Great book,dont be tempted to buy any of the David Wellington series though-Monster Island,Monster Nation and Monster Planet where the Zombies are portrayed as thinking characters,just detarcts from the whole Zombie notion of mindless,shuffling,brain eating things.
  12. I picked the second book of this trilogy up at the airport a bit ago, had to track down parts 1 and 3, all in all a good story.
  13. Have to disagree, excellent series.

    I was a bit bored of the run of the mill "plague, dead rise, get sh1t load of guns, run to safe house, defend against horde, win, live happily ever after" books.

    This series postulates out that it's those that currently live hand to mouth and were born into a war torn environment would be the natural survivors eg North African tribal bands rather than North American suburban commandos.

    Interesting concept of a few thinking zombies resulting from situations where the brain 'survives' the dying process.

    A bit 'new age' in parts, but hey, overall a very well thought out and written series.

    I'm pretty certain the first one is available as a free on-line ebook thingy - see if I can dig out a link.

    Getting back to WWZ, excellent book that I hope would translate well to fillum, but after the remake of 'Day of the Dead' I'm not holding my breath....