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I came across this gem the other day so thought I'd share it on here. This Is Your Life with Sir Douglas Bader. It takes us back in time to the early 70s, when there were still plenty of the wartime generation around with their amazing stories. It's also a reminder of how depressing the modern day is with the gender neutral lefties and daft celeb culture. I daren't think who would be on the show nowadays.

This thread is going to be dedicated to the more famous names of WWII. The ladies and gentlemen who had unusual or important roles, as well as the famous names. YouTube is a treasure trove for this sort of thing but I thought it would be a great idea to condense the best here so that they can be easily accessed.

The first vid is Sir Douglas Bader, it also features some other world-famous aviators but I won't spoil it with names. Enjoy!

Please feel free to add your own.
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Also came across this one - Eric Hartmann. The highest scoring ace of the Luftwaffe (and all time) with 352 kills.

92 year old Bill Moore - ex 138 Sqn RAF - remembered his time with Bomber Command, and as a "taxi driver" taking men and women of SOE into France and other parts of Europe, in Lysanders (Lizzies) probably from Newmarket. And also a.i.u.i. they supplied the French Resistance. 138 (with 161 Sqn) was apparently part of Tempsford Gibraltar Farm.

Knowing one of these blokes personally: it was safer all round not to communicate with their shady passengers so they kept their distance. Navigators behind their curtains probably didn't even see SOE cargo.

Also a.i.u.i., by 1944 138 Squadron was mounted on the Wellington and the Hudson, ferrying arms and ammunition to the Maquis.

"Over the course of the war, Mr Moore recalled 138 Squadron took in 995 agents, dropped in more than 10,000 packages, lost 70 aircraft and 300 air crew". RAF pilots were 'taxi drivers' in WWII secret flying missions.

Ursula Graham Bower
Ursula Violet Graham Bower MBE was one of the pioneer anthropologists in the Naga Hills between 1937–1946 and a guerrilla fighter against the Japanese in Burma from 1942–45.

Unfortunately the interviewer is a bit dull.


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