World War Three ?

Any chance of a healthy debate between us aviation types?

This may have been discussed in other threads (please correct me if this is the case) but any thoughts on this hypothetical question/situation?  Thinking about World War Two.  Germany invades various countries around its borders, heads in two different directions towards Britain and Russia.  Italy takes sides, and miles of land are taken, and the allies are given a good beating.   Thousands are killed.  All within a few years.

Present day situation.  Does anyone think in this day and age, is it feasible for a single country to do what Germany did back in 1939 ?  

Here's a hypothetical situation.  Late 2002, Iraq invades Kuwait.  In just 48 hours Kuwait is taken.  Iraq then invades across the border into Saudi.  Saudi puts up a fight, but three weeks later the capital is taken.  Saudi surrenders.  Iraq changes direction, and moves into Iran but not before launching a chemical attack on Iran's capital.  Iran surrenders within a week.  UAE's is taken a week later, followed by a push into Yemen and Oman.  Saddam takes control of a vast oil producing area.

This is a hypothetical situation.  But, is it feasible today, for a country to do something like this (Balkans/Middle East/Asia/Americas/Africa) on it's own, striking and moving within hours and days, not weeks/months, in lightening moves, taking country by country around it's borders?  Just as the situation back in 1939.

I got thinking about this because it usually takes a few weeks of debate in the UN before movement takes place for a force to build up before going in.  Plus Ive been working since 5am this morning, and the mind wanders at this time.
were all doomed1
Yeah, I suppose that's a good or excellent comment, ORG.  One never really thinks about the use of nuclear weapons, but I suppose in the above situation, one of the super powers (US of A) would release that type of weapon to stop any progressing force/country.
Hypothetical situation...

Late 2002 Iraq executes Blitzkrieg in Middle East. US asks Hoonie and Blair for UK troops to assist...

CDS refuses Brit Mil to cross Republican Guard picket lines.  :-[

1 UK Armd Div cannot move heavy metal due to EC legislation on any driving any vehicle with Union Jack painted on the side. Contractorised Tank Transporters are all on sub-contracted to M&S.  :mad:

3 Div are all earning £25k doing 2 days on and 4 days off, with 8 day breaks every 6 weeks, climbing ladders and sha**ing damels in distress.  :D

16 AAB are running (with boots and 80lb bergans) the London Underground. 8)

Avn are running the UKs main Airports..with skeleton manning, as most groundies have left for civil aviation jobs anyway :eek:

The Navy is fully deployed to N Spanish coast on clean up operations. This entails running ships aground and letting crude oil stick to the sides before being tugged off. ;D

The "boys" are in Zimbabwe for referee ops..having removed the top player first of course.

The Air Farce put all available pilots in all available front line aircraft and manage to deploy the Red Freds to Baghdad who perform such a boring display that the population cuts its throat..Richard Branson flies in and sets up Virgin Oil.

Canadian peace keeping force moves in to be bombed by USAF :-[

Entirely feasible I would say
An interesting hypothfy, hypothiss, hypothes, fcuk it, situation you have described there RealityCheck.  What's the sentence for the British Army going on strike for more money?  Can they go on strike?  Is there anything in QR's that say they CAN'T go on strike??  

??? ;D


I wouldn't go to Croydon, bit to close to Hounslow for my liking, to many ethnics to deal with!


I'll follow if you lead, Flash!!

Anyway, when you get to power, you'll need a Minister for Health and Fitness!!!

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