World War rifles

My grandad has given me two rifles, one was in WW1 one was in WW2. One has 1914 on it, the other 1918. Enfeild .303's. Im a happy man :) But I have some questions....

1. Now they have 2,4,6,8.....20 on the sights. Does anyone know what measurement unit that would be? :?:

2. At the end of the stock there is an uneven circle, with a pointer on a pivot, its sort of a raindrop shape, with a small shaft bit with a tiny little handle. And on it, covering half the circle, it has little sections, starting with 18,19,20 going up to 27. Then below the 18 its got a section with a 700 in it. Anyone have any idea what the hell it is? When I first saw it I thought it may have been something to do with navigation but who knows?? Its got nothing to to with the sights. That probably made no sense but some one may know what I'm on about.

3. Do you need to fire special ammo in these old rifles?

4. Are world war rifles worth anything nowadays? In NZ

Thanks in advance :D :D
2. The volley sight. Next of the safety catch (rear left of the receiver) you should find a folding aperture. Pivot this up, and look through it. It was used for mass fire on long-distance concentrations of troops, etc.
3. No. Any commercial .303 is fine. The only thing you should not fire in them is .303 Mk.VIII or Mk.VIIIz. Military Mk.VII, Greek military HXP, etc is fine.
4. No idea, I know nothing about the New Zealand market.
talk to this lot.

the NZ antique arms assn, good bunch of blokes, there will be a local branch near you. if theres anything decent going on the market in NZ this is the place to find it.
every year around this time they have thier annual auction, lots of good stuff to be had, most from collections of older members who have croaked. hehe.
prices for original condition issue rifles have shot up in the last 10 years, all over the world, its getting hard to find decent collectables these days.

if your new toys are in good condition they may be worth a tidy sum.

stealths two cents? dont sell, antique firearms are a great investment, keep for the future because they will be worth more, or to hand down to your own kiddies.
no reason why you shouldnt put a few rounds through them for enjoyment either.

talk to this lot if you want to meet others who use old service rifles competitivly

lots of fun, great bunch of older fellas with some great stories, and many a useful tip.

PS the mk VIII and mk VIIIz ammo are a special hot loads for the vickers MG, not considered safe for use in normal enfields.

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