World War One Walt?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by HarryPalmer, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. Is there any way I can establish with certainty whether a certain individual received the King's Commission during World War One?
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Regt Museum, National Archives, Regt Histories, London Gazette all spring to mind.
  3. Have tried the last three without finding any reference to him.

    How conclusive would this be?
  4. Would he not appear in the Army List ?

    I have access to all of them (in the Staff College archive), so could check if needed.
  5. Could I PM you please?
  6. Should be in the LG if commissioned. I don't think that there are any exceptions to this, even early New Army commissions awarded by Lord Lieutenants and Mayors and such eventually were gazetted formally. Well there might be one exception, which I would have to check, and that is Geddes' appointment directly as a MG and later as a Vice Admiral. Which incidentally, if that's promotion then I'm all for it!
  7. Engineer and Railway Staff Corps, Royal
    Eric Campbell Geddes (formerly Lieutenant,
    Nairn Tal Volunteer Rifles) to be
    Lieutenant-Colonel. Dated 29th January,

    Later Honorary Major General and Honorary Vice Admiral and First Lord of the Admiralty...both appointments gazetted.
  8. Oh sod! Why do I do this to myself...I wondered what the Nairn Tal volunteer Rifles was, so I googled it. Nowt. So I searched on the LG...only one record - yep, Eric Campbell Geddes etc...

    So if their is an expert on colonial volunteer rifle corps out there...HELP!!
  9. Cuddles


    Dangerous assumption No1 from me is that Geddes was a volunteer, the most probable context is the South African War. Now the best site that I know of for the imperial volunteer forces is: Index of Volunteer Units

    No "Nairn Tal Volunteer Rifles" there. I did vaguely wonder whether it could have an LG typo (horror of horrors) - after all Nairn Tal, maybe that should be Natal? But no Natal Volunteer Rifles, though plenty of other Natal units of course. More to the point, Eric Geddes does not appear in the consolidated roll for all the units in the WO127 list - although there are some units still to be added, none of them come close to your unit name from the LG.

    So, all I can otherwise think of is the 1st Nairn Rifle Volunteer Corps, raised in the 1850s-60s... but cannot explain the Tal unless some very very odd hypocoristic for Territorial... and in any case the Nairn RVC seems not to have survived in a recognisable/gazetteable form after the 1881 territorial reorganisation when I presume they disappeared into the the Volunteer Bn of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders.

  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Gentlemen - this looks like an interesting story - but the rest of us are only seeing half of it.

    Could we perhaps have the original question from the PM and perhaps yuo should change the topic title as it appears that the gentleman in question was not a Walt.
  11. oldbaldy

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  12. DPCW must be right - the Naini Tal Volunteer Rifles.
  13. I apologise for firing the starting gun on this one...I only meant to use Geddes as an example of how comprehensive gazetting was, as a source for officers commissioned in WW1. The Naini Tal thing is useful too. In the 1859-1880 period anyone who was anyone joined a militia, so to find Geddes had been a subbie in one was not unusual per se. His later "military" career is of course far more interesting, if you are a "Peter Barton" type student of the behind (or under) the lines type stuff!
  14. Harry, assuming the above hasn't asnwered the question, then feel free to PM!