World War IV

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alib, Nov 3, 2007.

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  1. Via Crooked Timber:
    I think Booty really nails the only flaw in nPods thinking there.

    I'd been rather under the impression that we were engaged in two largish constabulary actions and were mainly troubled by some marginal cave dwelling camel jockeys but now I see they are as fell a threat as the Wehrmacht and Red Army put together. Our current enterprise is of the scale as the Great War, Great Patriotic War and Cold War if not greater and so deserving of these big frightening Roman numerals.

    The brainy chaps at CT suggest other numbering systems to correct nPods taxonomy and satisfy Booty's pedantic quibbles.
    I think we'll know WWIII when it grabs us by the nads. Considering the wrecked balance of power in the Middle East and the looming oil crisis it may well be soon. These scaremongering neocon oafs will have been instrumental in beginning it and will probably smugly trumpeting their prescience.
  2. Bloody cheek these yanks have.

    Only we say when the World is at War, or not, as the case may be ;)
  3. Alib, you're forgetting. 9/11 brought mass death to the streets of the Good Ole USA, so of course it's much more important than all those other piddly little threats mere other countries faced.
  4. I particularly like this quote from Podz essay

    Always check your sources otherwise you look a bit of a monkey

  5. World War IV? How the fcuk did I miss WWIII?! 8O

    I have'nt been drinking THAT much...
  6. And now here from the man who exists in the calm, secretive all seeing eye of the maddening storm. The master of ceremonies. The man for whom the N-Pods, Max Boots and the William Kristol Meths of this world are merely the Hounds of Lunacy with which he uses to hunt.

    The coldly sane Master of Madness, Mr Dick 'Snarler' Cheney:

    And may God have mercy on all our souls!!!