World War IV

Via Crooked Timber:
By publishing World War IV, Norman Podhoretz has performed yet another important public service, showing once again why he was such a worthy recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. At a time when our political leaders are split over whether we are actually at war with terrorists, when opposition to the war effort in Iraq is growing, and when apathy and complacency appear to be settling in among the public, he lucidly and compellingly explains why we are fighting, how we can prevail, and why we must do so.

My major disagreement with him is pretty minor. It concerns what to call this conflict. Labeling it World War IV assumes that the cold war was World War III, but almost nobody calls it that. Maybe they should, but they don’t. As a matter of purely historical accuracy, moreover, the cold war should be called World War V, since the first world war was really the Seven Years’ War, known in North America as the French and Indian War, while the second was the Napoleonic War. If we follow this logic, we would relabel the 1914-18 conflict World War III and the 1939-45 conflict World War IV, in the same way that George Lucas relabeled his first Star Wars film “Episode IV” after producing three “prequels.”

But merely to advance this argument is to reveal its impracticality.
I think Booty really nails the only flaw in nPods thinking there.

I'd been rather under the impression that we were engaged in two largish constabulary actions and were mainly troubled by some marginal cave dwelling camel jockeys but now I see they are as fell a threat as the Wehrmacht and Red Army put together. Our current enterprise is of the scale as the Great War, Great Patriotic War and Cold War if not greater and so deserving of these big frightening Roman numerals.

The brainy chaps at CT suggest other numbering systems to correct nPods taxonomy and satisfy Booty's pedantic quibbles.
I think the way to deal with this is to renumber W.W. I as 10 and W.W. II as 20. This will allow for the retroactive insertion of new World Wars, before and between the old ones, if necessary.
I think we'll know WWIII when it grabs us by the nads. Considering the wrecked balance of power in the Middle East and the looming oil crisis it may well be soon. These scaremongering neocon oafs will have been instrumental in beginning it and will probably smugly trumpeting their prescience.
Bloody cheek these yanks have.

Only we say when the World is at War, or not, as the case may be ;)
Alib, you're forgetting. 9/11 brought mass death to the streets of the Good Ole USA, so of course it's much more important than all those other piddly little threats mere other countries faced.
I particularly like this quote from Podz essay

Meanwhile, a member of the British cabinet was going the Security Council one better. While registering no objection to propaganda pictures of the one woman hostage, who had been forced to shed her uniform and dress for the cameras in Muslim clothing, Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt pronounced it “deplorable” that she should have permitted herself to be photographed with a cigarette in her mouth. “This,” said Hewitt, “sends completely the wrong message to our young people.”
Always check your sources otherwise you look a bit of a monkey

In the article below, we claimed that the health secretary, Patricia Hewitt, had said it had been "deplorable" that Faye Turney, one of the navy hostages held in Iran, had been shown on television smoking a cigarette because "This sends out completely the wrong message to our young people." In fact the quote was a fabrication published in the Sunday Telegraph on April Fools' day. That paper subsequently apologised for the unintended publication of the statement in other papers as being genuine, as did the Times, and so do we.
And now here from the man who exists in the calm, secretive all seeing eye of the maddening storm. The master of ceremonies. The man for whom the N-Pods, Max Boots and the William Kristol Meths of this world are merely the Hounds of Lunacy with which he uses to hunt.

The coldly sane Master of Madness, Mr Dick 'Snarler' Cheney:

Cheney: 'I frankly think a Republican will win the '08 election
And may God have mercy on all our souls!!!

Interview of the Vice President by Mike Gallagher, The Mike Gallagher Live Radio Show
Dallas, Texas

10:40 A.M. CDT

Q This is a very interesting day for us, and we're honored and incredibly privileged to welcome Vice President Richard Cheney to The Mike Gallagher Show studios. I've had the privilege to meet you before. A guy named Hannity and I came to see you in an event in Minnesota; met -- spent some time with you backstage. Met your wife -- I've had her on the show very many times. First of all, welcome to our show and welcome to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Grovel, drool, snivel, grovel, drool, snivel.

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