World War II heroine deserves good send off

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fairy_nuff, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. Beat me to it. I just read the BBC article too and was going to post if it hadn't already been done. A quite remarkable lady and great pity she did not gain the recognition she so obviously deserved before she died, but I'm very pleased the Legion and armed services will make sure she is laid to rest with honour.

    Rest In Peace Eileen.
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  3. It is humbling to discover that people who have given so much,received so little in return.Is there a lesson here for today's 'hero's' to think about?(especially with regard to how quickly and how completely 'the Public' can forget even exceptional service) until the best that can be hoped for becomes 'too little too late'.We will need to ensure that all our soldiers sacrifices are kept in mind for as long as needed.Old soldiers can it seems just fade away.
  4. There was an interesting piece on R 4 about her today. Basically, the DS solution was to not mention what you had done\ did to anyone.
  5. She was on the cover of today's Times, along with an editorial. RIP, a brave woman.
  6. Nails. Enough said
  7. A great deal more is known about the wartime activities of the late Eileen Nearne than is indicated in today's Times article . It is indeed admirable that Miss Nearne kept what she knew and what she did to herself. However her name and memory are closely linked to perhaps more celebrated SOE agents Violette Szabo and Lilian Rolfe who were executed as spies by the Gestapo. Details of Eileen Nearne’s wartime role in the SOE, her recollections (to US 1st Army interrogators) of the fate of other agents and her own escape are documented in Sarah Helm’s excellent book ‘A life in Secrets – The Story of Vera Atkins and the Lost Agents of SOE.’ Her name and exploits appear in several other books about the SOE. Eileen Hearne, a real heroine, may she rest in peace.
  8. An amazing lady - I hope she has a fitting send off.
  9. RIP. A brave and modest soul.