World War I veteran dies aged 108

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by firemagi, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. firemagi

    firemagi Old-Salt

  2. Mazur_UK

    Mazur_UK War Hero

  3. Gust.Avrakotos

    Gust.Avrakotos Old-Salt


    It will be a sad 11/11 when there are none left :(
  4. REgards

    REgards LE

    RIP mate. :salut:

    Loved this bit on the link:

    Once a soldier always a soldier :lol:
  5. Totally agree that it will be a sad day but we must never forget them, even if their voices cannot be heard.

    RIP, you and your ilk have earned it.

  6. Oh_Bollox

    Oh_Bollox Old-Salt

  7. Gobby

    Gobby Old-Salt

  8. Brush_Dust_Shake

    Brush_Dust_Shake War Hero

    RIP. Hope his name will be inscribed on the Foresters memorial at Crich.
  9. T4U2

    T4U2 Old-Salt

  10. We will remember them.