World War 2 First Aid Box? Any info


I'm hoping someone can help me. I've got a World War 2 first aid box that has been in my loft for years and I was hoping someone might have some more information about it like where it may have been used as all the searches I have done this type of box hasn't appeared anywhere. It's a canvas covered 'basket' which is slightly concave at the back. The stamp inside reads 'Toy Time Toys Ltd Southport 1941'

My daughter is doing WW2 at school and wants to take it in but I don't know anything except my Dad won it in a poker game many many years ago. (apologise for the massive photos.)


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Don't let her take it into school. If it's complete, it's a rare piece of kit.

If it goes into school it may get damaged / ransacked.

How much do you want for it? :D
Go onto YouTube and look up Rifleman Moore. He recently did a video on first aid bags from that period. He has a Facebook page so you could contact him that way.


From its size it looks like it was a vehicle fit. we were still using the khaki 37 pattern small pack ones in the late 80's at infantry platoon level!
'British WWII Medical Pannier' throws up some similar items on a Google search

EG: Medical pannier
Godfrey's Suitcase?
Wow you lot are quick-thank you for the responses. You're right Oyibo finally found an exact image on google it's an RAMC Medical pannier (helps when you know what you're looking for!)

It's priceless family heirloom MrBane :p ! But yes I think I'll have to go into school with it if she wants to take it
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