World War 1 Medals - Irish Servicemen


I've been asked to find out if it is possible for relatives of Irish Servicemen from World War 1 to claim for their medals? Is this possible and if so, how would you go about getting the process up and running?


I believe that medals issued after 1920 can no longer be claimed,but it's worth a try.
A relative of mine was awarded an MM in 1917 but it was'nt claimed until 1934 .I found this out from his medal cards downloaded from the National Archives website.
If they have said soldiers numbers/regiments they stand a very good chance of finding out more.
Websites such as can offer a wealth of info and the website is set up similar to Arrse.
Hope this helps,pm me or ask away as i've recently researched 2 of my relatives in ww1,one gunner and one RDF soldier and both Dublin men!


No it isn't possible to claim them. See here Most were issued directly after the war, unlike after the second world war when they were only issued directly to those still serving, with all others having to claim. Apparently they still get many first time claims for WWII medals even now.

You can however buy replicas relatively easily.

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