World Ugly XV


Found this on Planet Rugby :

15. Gareth Thomas (Wales)
With his front teeth missing, lack of hair and collection of body art (is that a cannabis leaf on his elbow?), he is always going to make the full-back spot his own. Matt Perry from his younger years was a contender but hasn't turned out too bad with age.

14. Giscard Pieters (South Africa)
It is fair to say wings, in general, seem to be a blessed bunch, you will struggle to find too many ugly ducklings out wide. But in Pieters, South Africa have their very own monster.

13. Richard Dourte (France)
Most French rugby fans will remember Dourte for his role in the sensational Rugby World Cup semi-final win over the All Blacks in 1999. Few if any will ever remember him for his looks, and to this day he is still blinding defences with his mug.

12. Tana Umanga (New Zealand)
With his dirty dreaded hair and half-formed face, Tana wins his place with relative ease. He may be one of the all-time greats but he was a long way down the order when the Big Man was handing out handsome genes.

11. Marika Vuninbaka (c) (Fiji)
Fiji is one of the most beautiful places on earth - Vuninbaka is most definitely not the nation's poster-boy. His crooked teeth and Stig of the Dump countenance earn him the captain's armband for the side.

10. Neil Jenkins (Wales)
The Ginger Monster was one of the greatest fly-half of all times and had the proverbial golden boot. Unfortunately, he also has one of the ugliest mugs in rugby, and his nickname sums it all up.

9. Shaun Perry (England)
Shaun Perry is new on the international scene, but there is nothing original about his rugby-esque appearance! Short, stumpy and balding - he was never going to be a model, so he turned his hand to plumbing before making a name for himself as a rugby player. Now we are making him famous for his ugliness.

8. Anton Leonard (South Africa)
Only two caps for Leonard, but he has made a lasting impression in the minds of many, turning up in many a nightmare with his horror-story looks.

7. Phil Waugh (Australia)
Phil Waugh has been one of the better opensides in world rugby over the past few years, but ending up at the bottom of most rucks has done him no favours when it comes to his looks. And with a nickname like 'Quasimodo', what chance did any other openside stand?

6. Abdelatif Benazzi (France)
Benazzi could have made the team at second row or No.8, such is his lack of looks. Having played all three positions for his country he had no trouble making the side with his Frankenstein-esque appearance.

5. Geo Cronje (South Africa)
Famed for his alleged bust-up with Quinton Davids, big Geo is here for one reason only - he looks like he has had his face hit one too many times. He attempted to cover his offending mug with a beard, but that has only made matters worse.

4. Craig Quinnell (Wales)
When the film 'Shrek' was created, Craig Quinnell was surely used as the real-life model. All he needs is a coat of green paint and you have your very own life-sized ogre, although it is a close call as to who is the uglier of the two selected locks. Martin Johnson, count yourself lucky.

3. Julian White (England)
This was a close call, as let's be honest: there are no good-looking props. But White just about made his way into the side largely due to his outsized shnoz.

2. Trevor Leota (Samoa)
When Tthis guy as at Wasps, he had to live with the club nutritionist in the off-season as he ate too much stodge with his cousins. So is it any wonder he ended up with a face like his and - not to mention a physique to match. Brian Moore ran him close, but big Trev's penchant for peroxide sees him across the line.

1. Bill Cavubati (Fiji)
Big Bill has a claim to fame when it comes to international rugby - he is the heaviest player to have ever won a cap. But all that fat does little for his boyish looks - he gets the nod on the loosehead side.

Replacements: 16 Garin Jenkins (Wales), 17 Graham Rowntree (England), 18 Martin Johnson (England), 19 David Lyons (Australia), 20 Piri Weepu (New Zealand), 21 Jannie de Beer (South Africa), 22 Stirling Mortlock (Australia).