World Superbikes start today.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. Going to be a great season. Bayliss fast in pre season, Corser looking fast on the Yam, Biaggi soooo smooth on the Suzuki and James Toseland now has traction control for the Honda. And 3 rounds in the UK, starting with Donington on April 1st (?)

    Bring it on !
  2. Yep, and a great start for Biaggi!

    Now roll on MotoGP :) :) :)
  3. WSB: Biaggi and Toseland lookin damn quick - Intresting to see if they are still all smiles in few rounds time.

    MOTO GP: Official Qaul's Rossi looked on it, Hayden looked - well like Hayden..

    Bring on the BSB..... :thumleft: :thumright:
  4. Top line up...Cmon Cal Crutchlow....

    I'm hoping Ollie Bridewell does well too, purely because he was using a C90 (Honda Melody) as a pit bike around Brands last year. Damn proud of it too he was...lolol... Yes we took the pi$$ big time, which he found amusing!

    A ginger C90 rider whatever next?
  5. Just to add that I had a great (if cold) time at Donington at the w/e. Great ride by JT in R1, shame about the Bayliss crash, he ended up having the top two bones of his pinky on his throttle hand amputated. JT's bike packing up in R2 was a p1sser, but Haga duffed Biaggi on the last corner. Leaves JT with a 5 point lead going into Valencia in 2 weeks time. Hope Troy is back, as he went rather well there last time he raced there..

    BTW Neil Hodgson has just signed as Moto GP test rider for Ducati.
  6. Having met James Toseland last Sunday it was a toss up between Santa Pod, the World Superbikes at Silverstone or watching the Monaco GP on ITV.

    Guess which one won ????. I knew Santa Pod don't run with any hint of rain so that was out. The weather was going to be shite at Silverstone and at about £40 a ticket I decided to stay at home in the warm and dry with a few tinnies, bott of whisky and watch the Monaco GP. Now I'm not bothered about a few drops of rain, several trips to the Spa GP will remind me of that, but I wasn't prepared to do it this weekend with the possibility of a cancelation.

    Am I glad I didn't go - you bet I am. JT fell off on the 3rd lap and the 2nd race was as I predicted - cancelled.

  7. JT rode well to get back to 8th after the crash split his raiator pipe, which dumped the coolant. He only lost 2 pts to Biaggi and 12 to Haga. Having seen the forecast, and after getting p1ss wet through at Le Mans last w/e, I decided to watch from the comfort of the Guru setee.

    Good Call.

    Doing a track day at Brands next week and I hope this sh1te weather picks up !
  8. That's still no excuse to choose Boremula 1 instead of superbikes. You should be ashamed of yourself

    I did my armchair bit for the bikes and refused to watch the F1 on general principal opting instead to surf for porn on the geekernet (much to the wife's disgust)
  9. Hmm, internet porn brings a whole new meaning to one hand typing.


    BT. :lol:
  10. Brands was awesome yesterday, the sun shone, I burned my napper and JT did the double. Fantastic results from Toseland.

    Just a point though, Brit winner, Brit track, over 100,000 attendees. Not a sniff of a mention on the news.

    It isn't often we get a Brit doing well, it should be noted.
  11. Sounds about right Guru, Only Formula 1 gets any mention..Elitist Sport
  12. Look at the bright side - major sporting news today = Tim Henman to retire!!!

    Reminds me of the old joke...

    What do Tim Henman and the English Rugby team have in common?

    Neither of them can play tennis competitavely at the top level...