World Snooker Championship 2009

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Tremaine, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. World Champion Rocket Ronnie of course

  2. Peter Ebdon

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  3. John Higgins

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  4. Steven Hendry

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  5. None of the above, it'll be a new shock Champion

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  1. World Snooker Championship 18th April - 4th May
    It's back again and though it's not exactly fast and furious, it's curiously relaxing and compulsive, for some.

    So far:
    Hendry recovers to beat Williams, Rocket Ronnie easily goes into the second round as if he was just having a knock around, and Ebdon warns O'Sullivan that he's not finished yet. There's talk that the World Championship might be moved away from Sheffield after 31 years as well.

    Who do we fancy then this time round? The usual suspects to take the title or a surprise upset from the back of the rack?
  2. Got to be Tiger Woods.
  3. "And Woods to break, er tee off. JP did you see that swing?"..."Well Steve, he got away with that, in this wind" :roll: