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World record broken by MAA


Commencing on 8 Aug 06 MAA Dave Harris today (11 Aug 06) equalled then broke the World Record continuous endurance indoor row at 1000 local (0900 UK), rowing a staggering 73 hours. Although he would liked to have continued for longer he took the advice of his team and stopped, breaking the record by 1 hour and after covering a staggering distance of 626,125 metres.

He already has the Guinness World Records for the greatest distance in 24 hours (307,683 metres, set in Nov 01, which remains unbroken) and also the quickest 100,000 metres (completed in Jan 05 in 6 hours 55 minutes, beating the previous record by 17 minutes). The world rankings can be viewed at:


He is now recovering in the Sickbay under the constant supervision of the Medical Team, but if you would like to pass on any messages you can contact him on board as necessary:

MAA Dave Harris
BFPO 243
243-maa @ a.dii.mod.uk

We must not forget that this unique and outstanding achievement not only broke a World Record but also raised an enormous amount of money for the Ship's Charity (The Children's Ward, Bishop Auckland Hospital, Durham).

Good one on him and for a great charity too! Keep up the outstanding work shippers!

For further views or comments come on over to rumration!
Cor, that Chief Wren would get it!!! :twisted: I bet the MAA will troop her for wearing a coloured hair scrunchy thing that isn't allowed!

Well done though-it was for a good cause! 73 hours? Fooking hell!!!!!!!

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