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World Penis of the Year (WPotY) 2020


I've just read that Christie Nicklaus, grand-daughter of ex golfer Jack Nicklaus, has married an American chap named Todger Strunk. Surely a contender for the title.

How embarrassing for her, to be known as Mrs Strunk.
But just imagine the innocent fun at dinner parties...

"Oh, my Todger did a wonderful thing for me yesterday..."

"My Todger makes me feel very fulfilled and happy, y'know."

And so on and so forth...


So Owen Jones then? It looks like you mean to nominate Owen Jones but you seem a little on the fence.
Does he mean that leftie ocean-going thundercunt Owen Jones, or some other wankflute called Owen Jones. Which reminds me, the Owen Jones is a complete wankflute, too.

Either way, Owen Jones should get the award, the utter twatferret.
Can I nominate Jonathan fucking cunting Ross please? I've had the displeasure of that arrogant cunt's company before, he made it quite clear he thought he was the most important person in the room. Considering that room also had Pete Townshend and Glen Matlock in it that takes some serious cuntery to do. Glen Matlock, by the way, is a fucking sound bloke.

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