world of warcraft


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any arrsers play this soul destroying game?

for those of you that arnt part of the biggest selling game of all time (about 8 000 000 players) only get it if you dont like spending time watching big brother with the wife ever because its like second life in open endedness and the ability to make time vanish!
2% of the worlds population play WoW, its a well known fact.

I dont play WoW, but i play other MMORPGs, (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) like GW


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didnt liks gw, final fantsy 11 is ok but WoW works really well.
I have a WoW account, 1 level 52 human paladin and 1 level 48 blood elf paladin. Im now extremely bored by it and have started concentrating on getting fit etc for Infantry. If im ever on look for Sacred (ally) or Agrant (horde) on the Lightbringer server.


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I done it in reverse was fit done infantry now unfit playing computer games!
Been playing for about 2 years now, Stopped playing as much and started a social life. Still pop on now and then, just not as interested anymore.
I think WoW is pants, i bought it, paid for one month then sacked it after a few hours, graphics were like something from kindergarden and just came across as being w4nk. Bought GuildWars and have to say it is better, it is free, graphics are better and more enjoyable.
but everyone is entitled to their own opinion this just happens to be mine. :pc:


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the trouble with guildwars is it gets old really quick its the same old thing over and over at least WoW has some variaty and is not 100% dependent on other people you can solo very well if you want rather than wait for an hour for some people to be on your quest!


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Got a lvl 43 Human Warlock - bored sh!tless with it.


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Could be worse, you could be hooked on the Sims. To this day, i simply cannot understand how came it is such a big title...
Never got into playing these types of games online, I prefer Oblivion, then I don't have to mingle with 40 yr old virgins who live with their mums.

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