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World Of Warcraft

dose any squaddies in here play world of warcraft ?
if so we have an all squaddie guild in the game and want more members server is balannazar and the guild is alliance
if interested leave your charecter name here and we will give you a shout online we do have a good laugh
Didn't someone ask you to fück off on a previous thread or am I having a sort of groundhog in an anorak, smelling of warm milk and eying up young boys day?
I dont take being told to **** Off by a couple of ******* as a threat so no you fuckoff you prick, must be an rmp waller
good friendly army site your taking the piss
Slyfox said:
I dont take being told to * Off by a couple of ******* as a threat so no you fuckoff you prick, must be an rmp waller
good friendly army site your taking the urine
Dem's fighting words. Don't forget to pick up your teddy bear.
btw what was the reason i was being told to **** off any way im in the right forum and have posted a proper non offensive honnest thread
i saw other people posting stuff about games on here and thought it was ok to do so


Book Reviewer
was there some kinda major bust up a few weeks ago in warcraft? my mate plays it and was fairly much bouncing around the office with excitement. Summat about a nasty gate opening...

Btw do a google search for the "Internet is for porn" video...
i dont play warcraft .Someone sent me a link showing a video in which a group held a virtual funeral for someone who had dieded in real life and their little funeral service got ambushed and massacred by some other players .Hadn't got a clue what was going on on but quite funny .
lol it is a good game and very funny at times unless your the one getting ambushed i must admit the subscription is a pain but Blizzard keep the game
well updated and keep an eye on any unsavourie type people and ban them if deemed nessesary there are 8 of us so far all serving soldiers in a guild there must be more who play it, and depending on family commitments we get on at least 3 times a week for a couple of hours or more like 5 hours some times ok so we maybe a bit geeky but it passes the time when nothing else is on or when we want to avoid the wife and kids.
I am sorry for my out burst earlier obviously some people dont like computer games
Slyfox you level 10 illiterate, look back and you will note that nobody on this thread has told you to fück off. However, if you look back to the thread you started titled WOW you might notice that it quite clearly says fück off a number of times; not directly I'll admit but the message is there.
Ill pm mine and 4 other guys charecters info to you we are on Balannazar already although one guy was horde not alliance but has now changed to join up see ya in there m8

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