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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Vermillon666, Jun 5, 2013.

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  1. Hi all im looking for a world fo warcraft guild preferrably horde that has passed or serving members in it, due to start basic in the next couple of weeks so thought being in a guild with like minded individuals would be the best place to ask questions etc :) Level 90 Hunter undead btw and i can realm transfer. Let me know :)
  2. I can see it now:

    "It wasn't my idea to bring my own webbing Corporal, I got the idea from my Guildmate Goldinorks, a badass level 90 Tauren Shaman."

    However, good luck.
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  3. I'm just curious if any ARRSErs are currently even playing WOW my mates bated me into paying for my account again (there goes my not so hard earned beer tokens) and my list of mates is fecking barren at the moment.

    So if any of you chaps want an add toss some affection my way!

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  4. fleshlight_and_wow.jpg
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  5. 24.95$ is that all? I might pick a few up when the next expansion is announced

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  6. I can play at weekends and tuesday nights between 19:30 and 21:30. Unless Everton are playing, or its raining, the area is hilly, on a promise from a slag etc.
  7. I tend to keep the word WoW hush hush in my job, it tends to open up a whole lot of geek like jokes, although i have met quite a few WoW players throughout my career (being R.Signals does help.)
    i'm Horde/Alliance in Khadgar if anyone else is.
    your basic training should just be about starting now so all the best, it's an absolute grizz but when it's over and done with you'll look back and laugh.
    Let us know if you need any help / advice.
  8. Is it just me? I was completely baffled by most of what I have just read. Obviously there are lifes going on, just not out and about though.
  9. Are you for real? Prepare to get properly gaffe taped, rock in daysac, man fat in shower gel and all other sorts.... Why didn't you join the Navy or RAF Regt? They have more of your type in there.