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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by brettarider, Feb 27, 2011.

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  1. I've been playing for about a fortnight now.
    Its still a Beta version so its not complete (no brits apart from russian lend/lease), But it doesn't cost anything to play.
  2. The game is due to go live within the next month, so will be a reset to zero for all. There is also an update due that will branch the game out to a larger scale tactical gamr covering "clan battles" (a bit like Risk) rather than the current random battles.

    There is a good clan recruiting at in anticipation of this feature.
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    any fees for this? couldnt see any mention in the faq.
  4. Not at the moment - but when it gets released properly all bets are off
  5. Apparently the plan is for it to remain free to play but with the ability to purchase "premium" subscriptions for increased experience and points (both used to improve your vehicle)
  6. And hope it doesnt go the way of Navyfield says my mate who does both.
  7. I've been playing it on and off since about October. Well worth a look and it's the sort of thing where you can just jump in for 15 minutes and then leave it again. It should be free to play but with the option to purchase "gold" which in turn gets you more experience/credits per match and lets you buy some fancy tanks that don't really have any massive advantages over the ones you work for. Also rewards teamwork in a big way - definitely the sort of thing that deserves an arrse clan.
  8. Playing and agree an arrse clan is required. Too many Poles/Czechs/Russians though. PM for User name
  9. Definitely need a clan to get the best out of the game, however as soon as the "clan wars" element is released there will be a major advantage in being a member of a large clan (max size is 100 players) as you may have to compete in multiple battles per day to defend your terrain.

    I guess the Russian focus is due to it being produced by a Russian company and originaly released in Russia using Russian tanks....
  10. I've downloaded it but it keeps coming up on my AVG as a virus so just waiting on their lot to figure out whats going on then I will give it a punt. I guessing its a similar concept to Navyfield or at least thats the impression im getting
  11. Did anything come of this (ARRSE clan) in the end? I've been playing pretty religiously over on the North American server.
  12. Just started playing this, it aint too bad
  13. this cry for help is made on on account of my son,honest.
    last night he downloaded the latest version of this and since then cannot log on it,it will not accept old or new issued passwords and you cannot even get logged in to email a help request,is the best course of action just to delete this new version and hope to drop back to the last version he was on?.
  14. register a new account with a new email address and use that to log on, no need to uninstall and re-download