World of tanks

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by All_I_Want, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. Anyone playing this? In beta atm its actually quite a bit of fun....

    World of Tanks
  2. I played it in closed beta.

    Good fun for a while, but soon lost it's appeal. There was only so many times I could do the same maps with the same tactics etc.

    Tank destroyers were great for sniping however.
  3. they have just updated it again if you have the patience for the download mine is taking ages ....
  4. Which reminded me of something else. The servers were in shit state. Ghosting or seeing a target appear then disappear and then reappear closer to you was common.

    I might re visit the game, but as you said :patience:
  5. I also played it in closed Beta, its good but not brilliant.............. best game with tanks for free is Battlefield heroes.
  6. Good god man, That looks like fun!!

    Anyway, Back to World of Tanks, sorry. As you were.
  7. Well I thought it was ok a quick shoot em up anyway. there is problem with lag still though yes tanks disappear and re-appear quite a bit
  8. It played very much with a humourous slant, riding on the wings of planes to shoot up everything in sight is a good little addition.
  9. Been playing this for months since it first came out as a closed beta. Enjoyable, but far better when played platooned up with a few mates and on the likes of teamspeak. Playername's DM_Gaz ingame and in the lobby, say hi if ya see me and we can platoon up and generally piss off people :)