World of Tanks User Names

Mods. Can we please make this a sticky?

Add your names and I'll edit my post to include all usernames in this top post.

Also. I have started a group on raidcall for comms.
Unlike Teamspeak 3 its totally free

ARRSEWoT ID No. 5161107

pebbles015 raidcall id:

sharpasaspoon Raidcall -

Bluebell Raidcall -








Nice one Pebbles -


There is now an ARRSE clan. I suggest we don't bother with clanwars yet, just team up over coms and play.
can't find the arrse clan, invite me please mate
I play as Bluebell. They didn't like 88, it seems that has been hijacked by some far right groups as shorthand for Heil Hitler.

I'm already in a clan (RT-ET) that plays clan wars and am happy to send an invitation to any Arrsers who would like to join. As mentioned on the other thread - Tier 8 Arty and Tier 10 Heavy especially welcome and team speak 3 required.


Please check top post again for comms details
Grim_Squeaker85 is my username. Only started today so dying a lot and getting used to the game
Aye, I wasnt sure before i tried it as it looked a bit of a flash in the pan but its ace. Specially when you get a sort of high noon 1 on 1 shootout
Once Pebbles reappears I'm sure he'll add you to ze clan. After two disastrous clashes earlier he might be licking his wounds. In the meantime, I'm off to face the foe in my Matilda :p
Only been a day and I'm already getting a yearning for a Tiger II and an urge to watch Kelly's Heroes

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