World of Tanks -The Brits Are Coming!

Next patch release for World of Tanks (v8.1) will see the release of the British tanks.

Highlights include:

Centurion mk1 - Tier 8 Medium
Centurion mk7/1 - Tier 9 Medium
FV4202 - Tier 10 Medium
Conqueror - Tier 9 Heavy
FV215b - Tier 10 Heavy

Centurion 7 has RO L7A1.
FV215b has L1A1 if I remember right.

Oh and the FV4202 has come in for some serious praise as far as the beta testers are concerned.

Also you'll be able to buy gold ammo with in-game currency.
Add me fella.

Same username but all lower case.
Yes, Tier 4 light tank.

Here's a complete list by tier:

1. Vickers Medium Mk I
2. Cruiser Mk I Light - Vickers Medium Mk II - Cruiser Mk III Light
3. Cruiser MK II Light - Vickers Mediu Mk III - Cruiser Mk IV Light
4. Valentine Light - Infantry Tank Mk II Matilda - Covenanter Light
5. Chruchill Mk I Heavy - Crusader Light
6. Churchill Mk VII Heavy - Cromwell Medium
7. Black Prince Heavy - Comet Medium
8. Caernarvon Heavy - Centurion Mk 1 Medium
9. Conqueror Heavy - Centurion MK 7/1 Medium
10. FV215b Heavy - FV4202 Medium

Tank Destroyers and Artillery trees to be added. Can't wait! I'll be going all out to get a Centurion ASAP.

@pebbles - PM on its way.
Add me as well please(name should be same as arrse name). Played WoT in Beta but not since its release as I was bored with russian/us/german tanks. Any idea when 8.1 is released?
Add me as well please(name should be same as arrse name). Played WoT in Beta but not since its release as I was bored with russian/us/german tanks. Any idea when 8.1 is released?
Sure, but my activity will probably remain fairly light until 8.1 hits - perhaps we need to create an Arsers Platoon list?

8.1 went into open beta just last week so I expect the release to be in a month or so - perhaps sooner.

Best thing to do would be to download the WoT assistant app (provided you have a smart phone ofc) and keep an eye on the news feed.

in-game name: Nayles
I'm been looking forward to the Brit tanks for 2 years now. I have circa 100,000 fre XP waiting to research the trees lol Played the 8.1 test. Got from a A13 to FV4202 (which is awesome!) and they are light, fast but weak armour. The conqueror has a L1A1 which is very accurate. We had one as gate guardian at Bovvie.

I'm sharpasaspoon in WOT add if you like boys :)

An ARRSE clan sounds on the cards
About time we got an arrse platoon together.

I wonder if Historyman plays as I came across the same name in a game the other day.
If you like tanks its ******* excellent, arcade like, not very historical, treat it like a game, not a tank sim.

Its free but you can pay (premium account) you get bonus on credits, you advance faster and stuff. You start off with a small shitty tank and 'research' better tanks, then buy them for credits.

I got carried away and made ARRSE clan. Feel free to join. Confirm via ARRSE forum.
I'm already in a clan but happy to platoon with you guys when you are online. I play as Bluebell.

Our clan is on the lookout for players who are happy to play clan wars and have Tier 8 or above tanks (we particularly need Tier 8 arty and Tier 10 heavies). We use team speak 3 to coordinate our battles so you will need to download that but it is free. Let me know if you are interested and I'll send you an invitation.


Tried and failed, managed 2 battles but laptop gets a bag on and fucks me off, shame i was getting into it as well.

Could be an overheating issue. Make sure vents are free of dust and possibly position your laptop so that there is airflow all around the case (i.e. underneath). Of course if you have no problems with other modern graphically intensive games then it's probably something else. Graphics drivers perhaps?

It is a great game and well worth the effort of getting to the bottom of what the problem is and how to fix it.

Good luck.
My work laptop had a screen blank out due to overheating whilst playing WoT; luckily it recovered - might have been hard to explain to the office...

You do need to reduce the graphics settings right down if using a bog standard laptop with integrated graphics. I've now gone out and bought a powerful laptop with a separate graphics card (an Asus N76Vz - highly recommended, BTW). Unfortunately this has done little to improve my survivability on the battlefield...
I play on medium settings using a 4650 1GB low profile. FPS of 50+ and it still looks good.

Loving the new physics of the latest version.
The game mechanics are actually quite good, if challenging.

Heard that 8.1 phys are even better.

I've started a new thread to add all our usernames to.

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