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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Madjock72, May 8, 2013.

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  1. The detail in this looks even better than WoT.

    Full article here (Linky)
  2. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    A friend of mine was telling me only this weekend that he's blagged his way into the open beta for this and World of Aircraft. Looks like the developers are really turning a profit from WoT!

    Thing is, I can't imagine WoS being a particularly fast-paced action game :-|

  3. It'll be the same as World of Tanks:

    1. British ships will be made of glass, and will sink instantly;

    2. German ships will mostly consist of Nazi fantasy projects; they will catch fire instantly;

    3. French ships will be very fast; one small type of destroyer will be very effective at killing battleships for some reason, but the rest will sink easily;

    4. Russia, despite having a navy that in real life mostly stayed in port or was too obsolescent to move, will nevertheless field a full range of effective ships of all classes.

    5. no ship will be able to damage another ship unless the player purchases premium ammunition for real cash;

    6. free play starts with a wooden rowing boat (modelled on current RN...), and will require 5 million hours of gameplay and considerable cash investment before reaching something worthwhile such as cruiser;

    7. despite 5 million hours of practice, the outcome of most games will still depend upon the randomiser algorithm at the WoT server - ie expect your premium battleship to be two-shotted and sunk by an enemy tug boat from time to time;

    8. etc, etc
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  4. I already have World of Tanks and War Thunder - so that's land and air covered. Where am I going to find time to play World of Ships as well? Does anyone know a good divorce lawyer?

  5. I have two WoT accounts, one on EU server, and one on the RU servers so that I can play with my workmates. Thats already 2x the effort I have to put in to develop my tank lines. Worst bit is where both server regions have a promotion at the same time, so I have to try and grab my 5x XP on thirty different tanks...

    I don't understand how some people can have 10,000+ games - thats a serious chunk of their lives devoted to the game. I actually have an employee whose work performance has suffered because - as he inadvertently admitted - he is frequently up to 0300 most nights on WoT.

    Luckily for me, World of Tanks' extreme greed for cash tends to give me a reality check from time to time, and I then find it easy to switch off and not play for a few days.
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  6. I'm on the WoWP (world of warplane) beta. I am so crap at flying AND shooting, I've near given up. At least you won't have to think about the ground coming up to hit you.

    I still play WOT a lot. Something to do with the 'old job' I supose. I shall undoubtedly play WoWS.
  7. Looked at linky now. There seems to be a lot of land based obstacles. I envisage plenty of camping in bays with peek-a-boo tactics in great abundance. Could be shyte ...
  8. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I've been playing this for a week or so now, and still quite enjoying it. It seems that instead of balancing the various units, using the right ship for the task is more important - Using a Battleship as a lone unit in a scrap will get hammered by destroyers with torpedos, whereas hiding behind a screen of cruisers allows you pick off enemy ships as they approach, as a hit from a BB broadside is devastating..

    Oddly though, although the US, German, Japanese and Russian Navies are included, there isn't an RN fleet available, which is a bit odd!
    Another quibble is that the maps are full of islands - there is no scope for a 'proper' blue water battle.
  9. British tanks & warships aren't really relevant for Wargaming's marketing strategy: they've got the Russian/German lines for their core market and eastern Europe, then they've got the US/Japanese/Chinese for asia-pacific. The Brits are just there as convenient line-filler.

    Its bad enough that most of the British tanks are a bit obsolete or underpowered in WoT, but its really idiotic that they've so far omitted the RN (less one premium ship) from a game that covers a 50-year period - when the RN dominated for about 45 of those years. They have managed to create a line out of that great naval nation.....Russia.
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  10. It all comes down to money, as you say and we know with WG but lets not forget most foreigners hate the Brits! Can't imagine why?
  11. fu2

    fu2 LE

    I played it for a while on the NA Server. The graphics are quite good and at the lowere levels you play against computer opponents which is fun but gets boring after a couple of days. You start off with either japanese or american ships and like wot you can get up the lower levels quite qúick.
  12. One of the devs on the forum threw an absolute hissy fit when WG were called out on ditching the Royal Navy in favour of putting a Russian fleet together. He declared that British players would still play regardless of the Royal Navy not being included at that time and having one nations ships included over anothers would not influence anyone. When asked if that was the case why were Russian ships replacing British ones a tantrum was had with threats of banning people.

    WG has a huge Russian market, Russians tend to be nationalist idiots who will only play a game if it gives them Russian vehicles and weapons.
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  13. I did give you a like but I've changed it to an informative.

    My snip - I have not played the Russian ships, are they as OP/unbalanced as the tanks?
  14. I played it a short while back, there was just the Japs and Yanks to play with at the time, just as it went to open beta. There was a couple of games where it was just open bluewater.
  15. I have only played the US ships for now and got into the battleship tiers. It takes a long time to progress so I have stuck with the US until some proper ships come out.
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