World leaders staying in hotel rooms costing up to 32K a night!!!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Pink_Ops, Nov 8, 2011.

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  1. It was ever thus. It reminds me of the time when I was on a police search team during the G8 summit in Brum. I was tasked with searching Blair's suite of hotel rooms, and very nice they were too. Ten minutes prior to his arrival, I began to grow a turtle's head. Unable to avail myself of the ablution facilities open to us a couple of floors down, I had no choice but to use the PM's throne.

    After curling one down of epic proportions (a triple flusher) I retired to a rest room nearby to recover from the sheer effort of delivering a 7lb bundle of fun to the world. Two minutes before the arrival of the Dear Leader, I was dynamically interfaced by one of his 'advisors' wanting to know "what the ghastly smell was, it appears that one of the foul pipes has been leaking in the PM's personal grooming suite"

    I like to think that the seat was still warm when 'Tony' sat on it.

  2. I forsee a large number of incoming suggestions as to alternative courses of action you may have taken at the time.....
  3. What a complete load of overblown bollocks.

    £30 for breakfast? It costs that in most semi reasonable London hotels.
  4. Is anyone really surprised? They're all greedy scum who don't give a toss about the peasants or whether the money could be spent sorting out the enormous pile of shit that we're all in.
  5. Cannes is overblown personified. Like Blackpool but less honest
  6. It's Cannes. What do people expect, plus wherever they held it, it was always going to be mega expensive. Blackpool would have been ratcheting the prices up if they had gone there. It would have been a hell of a surprise if they had though. :)
  7. you want them put up in tents on the beach? Its fucking accomodation in a very fucking expensive part of the world.

    If they held it in Scunthorpe they'd all be in B+B for 30 quid a night
  8. Worked for Gadaffi...
  9. Yeah but it doesn't cost 32 thousand pounds to get your head down for 1 solitary night!! Don't know why they dont conduct these meeting via VTC from their own offices, it would save a huge amount of dosh
  10. Maybe - just maybe - it's because putting up the world's elite in a shit hotel would make your entire country look shit, and probably cost it billions in lost revenue and appear as a thinly veiled insult to the people you're hosting.

    What do they want next, The Queen to meet the next President of the US wearing fucking Primark?

    I'm getting off the outrage bus now and boarding the 150ft Can't Give a Fuck Yacht.

    Though I really wish I didn't need so many attempts at spelling yacht.
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  11. Oh I don't know, Claridges have a couple of suites in the $11,000 range so if you are taking your staff along as well..
  12. Not too mention savig the planet.
  13. I think the idea of the original post, the newspapeer article, and the rest of the thread, is that each country attending is paying for its own (over priced/indulgent) accommodation. France was/is not paying for everyones’ accommodation.

    Joking aside, when was it (in the not too distant past), that a US President attended some conference in southern Europe, spent the night(s) on a US carrier bobbing around on the Med?!

    It is something Cameron could have considered - if he hadn’t just recently sent most of the RN fleet to the scrap yard.


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