World largest rifle

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Madjock72, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. Pah! A mere peashooter! Now, once upon a time there was another rifle - but the name/designation eludes me for the moment...
  2. Was it a Black Bess perchance??
  3. Somebody's Likely to Recall...
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  4. That's almost 23mm!
  5. Pft. A Brown Bess ain't a rifle. I think the name you are searching for is Ezekiel Baker.
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  6. Whats the point? Do they have a bad Tyrannosaurus Problem?
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  7. My thoughts exactly.

    I note that that particular example was the prototype and that later examples were about twice the weight. Obviously someone thought the recoil was a trifle excessive.
  8. ****! I'm thinking that I should remember, but for the life of me the name escapes me. Memory don't fail me now.
  9. Obviously someone was worried that come the zombie apocalypse there might be resident evil type giant zombies kicking around and this was built to kill them.

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  10. Nah....It's so they can shoot through three classrooms at a time.......
  11. I was hoping to see the recoil knock a few teeth out and a dislocated shoulder on a off chance.

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  12. 25400ft/lbs ME!! make a good rabbit gun.
  13. Would have been better seeing what the round could actually do to something e.g a car, wall or even livestock.
  14. daz

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    Bigger still :)

    and this images.jpg